Big Lots Bedroom Furniture for Kids

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Two-tired bed is a perfect decision for those who have two children and do not have enough space to put two beds. Here the lower part is made in a form of a lounge and can be used not only for sleeping, but also for comfort sitting during a day. Comfort ladder with two steps allows the child to get for the second layer safely.
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This bedroom is the perfect solution for a teenage girl who adores floral ornaments and tender colors. You can combine white, lilac, rosy, mint, light crimson and green colors to create the bedroom of a girls’ dream. Add accessories like decorative lamps and chandeliers, photo frames and vases of neutral pastel colors. Complete the picture with transparent curtains and a big mirror.
big lots bedroom furniture for kids photo - 6Everyone knows how teenagers like bright colors and symbolism, this bedroom combines both these elements. Carpets, walls and linens are brightly colored and decorated with pacific symbols. Colorful pictures and lamps are harmoniously added to the interior and don’t make any contrast. Girls should really enjoy this room.

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Pay attention to this bedroom if you have a little boy in your family. The furniture looks rather classic and non-childish, yet the room is brightly decorated with a numerous things that every boy might enjoy. Toys, cars and balls are all around the room, big shelves under the bed allow storing even more.


Here furniture made of light wood contrasts with a dark-blue carpet and linen, yet they are not monotonous but covered with figures of other bright colors. The bed is built in the line of chests of drawers, which allow keeping tons of toys that boys love so much.  A TV-set stays beside the bed, so a child will not spend hours laying and staring at it.


Nice example of a baby bed made in a minimalistic style. Simple carcass with rounded back-rests painted in bright blue color, which is stressed out by two blue stars hanging at the wall near by. The bed is rather high and does not have any safety planks, so be sure that your child is grown up enough and will not fall down.

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Pay attention to the design of this bedroom is you have twins. What is special about it is lightening. The windows are cowered with red and blue curtains; it makes the effect of colored light when it goes through them. Two lamps are installed into shelves and make them shine from inside when it is dark. The atmosphere is really magic.


This bedroom is designed specially for those parents who want to make their daughter feel like a real princess. The furniture shows a great combination of glossy white and pink colors. The wall behind the bed is decorated with an electric shining crown. Hanging lamp and the stand one are made in an old style, just like at royal palaces.

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Very often there is no enough space in a room to set all parts of furniture separately, in such cases the only variant is to install such a block as is described here. It contains everything that your child might need. The desk with shelves is installed under the bed which is placed at the higher level. Altogether they form a whole working cabinet.


As far as your kid goes to school, a design of his room must inspire him to studying and not playing with toys. Here is an example of such interior. No more any childish colors and toys instead of books on the shelves. The wall and the pillow are decorated with painted letters; the scientific poster is hanging over the table.


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