Making your Wall your Blank Canvas with Wallpaper Interior Design Singapore

The walls in your home can speak if you let them. Within Singapore there are various stores that allow you to design your wall to your liking. Adding a wallpaper Interior Design Singapore is a great way to temporarily change your wall and to be able to alter it at any time.


From the Wall Story, one Singapore’s leading wallpaper designer to Wall SG, with a wide range in possibilities there is no stopping the creativity when it comes to interior designing your wallpaper Interior Design Singapore. Designs that are picking up in Singapore include, large murals that can alter the atmosphere and design of the room quickly.

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Pattern designs are picking up, people are becoming bolder with their designs, parallel to bold patterns is people individualizing their homes with the wallpaper, adding stripes and geometric wallpapers that more so reflect the home owners rather than the furniture.

The important thing to remember is that allow the wallpapers are nice, in the humidity that is present in Singapore much of the wallpaper glue can come off and the wallpaper itself can begin to peel and curl.


With that said, it is important to look at the quality of the wallpaper you are buying and maybe a two year guarantee is not that bad.

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