Beautify your kitchen with French country kitchen utensils

There appears to be a sort of frenzy these days around decorating American homes a la French country style. No surprise there taking into consideration that this style is highly romantic, rich in texture and pleasant to the eye.


What can help in creating a unique French atmosphere are the details, of course. Therefore, start with them. If you are looking for a fast lane to imitating the style, then we highly recommend that you make use of French country kitchen utensils.

What are the most iconic French country kitchen utensils?

Spice jars made of glass, vintage wooden trays, copper pans of various sizes, rustic cutlery, wooden tea boxes, pleated baskets, ceramic butter dishes with lids in the shape of animals, clocks, kitchen chalkboards, and cast iron hook boards, trivets, nut crackers are on the top of the list when it comes to accessories in the French countryside style. We already know what our favorites are. What are your faves when it comes to French country kitchen utensils?

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