French country kitchen sinks – 15 rules for installing

French country kitchen sinks

French style in kitchen is always recognizable. Spacious areas, curtains and special sinks are all part of this style. What else is special? All those French country kitchen sinks. They are large, practical and they provide an additional beauty to the kitchen. When you want to combine French country kitchen sink with other elements, consider few important things.

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Rules for installing

There are some rules that should be applied if you install this kind of sinks. Use warm tones of natural colors like brown, gray and orange. All these warm hues are traditionally connected to the French style. Usually, French country kitchen sinks are painted in dark gray with long faucets above.
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Gray color can be perfectly combined with other elements, which makes any French country kitchen sink outstanding. It is always a special flair when you get the right kitchen sink. This element is the most used detail in every kitchen and that is why people love traditional sinks like French country kitchen sinks.
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  1. Where did you find the kitchen- who is the designer- of the 5th kitchen down- orange curtains… I love the French Country/Farmhouse style!

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