TOP 20 Best asian paints colour shades for exterior walls

Owning a house comes with many responsibilities, like painting the exterior walls of your house. When looking for Asian paints colour shades for exterior walls, people often push in the direction of dusty shades such as grey and beiges which are dull but safe options.

However, these shades don’t make your house an eye catcher of the street. Selecting striking and bold colours can make your house stand stunning.

Red is the Ultimate Cure for Sadness

Red is generally used to bring interest in the interior of the house, however, it is also a stunning exterior house painting colour. A deep rose red is very fitting as an accent in the exterior wall painting. It goes very well with stone bricked walls.

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Bluish Pink is So Girly

It is true, pink. A shade that can easily add character to the exterior wall and bring out a traditional personality to the exterior of a house.

Yellow Means It’s Not That Serious

Yellow is a Sunshiny and bright shade that can bring a happy feel to a home. This shade, when used with correct accent, can make a house as the most attractive on the street.

Painting a house is not as easy as choosing a colour for your exterior. You must choose shades that can stand the sunlight and yet not look too repulsive to onlookers.

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