10 Best tips when buying your exterior doors to make that first impression

When you say “Face is the index of your mind”, so are your exterior doors.


Your exterior door is the first thing that is seen by your visitors and we strive to make a first impression with that. Your door depicts who you are and gives that curb appeal to passers by.

Lots of things come into picture while choosing an exterior door with the wide range of models available in the market. Go through our tips and who knows it may lead you to the exact thing you were dreaming about all this time.


  1. Get an exterior wood door that is classy if you want to go the contemporary way with rustic appearance, it surely would give an elegant look to the home.
  2. Get a colorful door if your are like me, young and always in a playful mood. You have an endless range of options to choose from while not being heavy on your pocket.
  3. Get a fiberglass exterior door if you want a modern look for your home. You can even customize it with your favorite design on the glass.
  4. Choose an exterior door made of steel to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Steel is more energy efficient when compared to wooden or fiberglass door.
  5. Choose the highest quality lock for your door to keep everyone safe at home. And here too, the list of options are endless. From my experience, I would say brass look works best for wood and matted metal works both for fiberglass doors and steel doors.
  6. While choosing exterior wood doors always take into account about how the wood behaves in certain high and low temperatures and what adjustments need to be done.
  7. If you are like me and wants a look which is classy yet modern, go for glass inserts on a wooden frame. It definitely works and you can choose the size and dimensions and can be customized easily.
  8. When choosing rails, look for the ones that do not warp easily with wear and tear. I would say go for the veneer laminates.
  9. Choose a waterproof exterior door if you choose a exterior wood door and you will definitely thank me for it.
  10. If you are not the one who can duly maintain the exterior wood doors, I suggest you choose a fiberglass exterior door which may be a little expensive to start with but they are definitely worth it.
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