TOP 11 Designer doors latches and value 2023

Today, a door is not just something that you use to enter, or exit from something.

Doors now can be an expression of who you are, and can add beauty and value, as well as practicality to what you need the door for.


Remember the old wooden-framed storm door with the rusty storm door latch that festooned the front or back doors of homes? How those have changed. They now come as sturdy components, in a multitude of colors and styles to suit any taste. And forget about those rusty hooks, the storm door latch now comes in many shapes and styles. It can now add a measure of security to your home, and add to the expression of how you want your home to look.

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Gone are those cheap and floppy RV Doors with the faulty RV screen door latch. Technology has jumped us ahead providing many design options to replace that standard RV screen door latch and door.
Climb in your RV, and park for the night, knowing that your new RV Screen door latch can protect you securely from unwanted entry while making your door look great.

No matter whether it is your front door, or storm door, a door for your RV, or just about any door, the options available for a door latch can provide a multitude of design ideas for you. Door latches come in 100’s of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes, and with a myriad of safety options built in, all to protect you.

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Take a walk down the hardware or RV store aisle, and you should be able to find the door latch that is the right expression for you.

Gone are the days when we had to be stuck with a simple clasp, or a couple bland choices for the storm and RV door latch, or for the doors in our homes. Now, we have a plethora of styles to choose from, and can use door latches as design opportunities to add beauty and value to any door.

door latch 1


door latch 2

rv screen door latch 1

door latch 3

rv screen door latch 2

storm door latch 1 storm door latch 2 storm door latch 3 storm door latch 4


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