TOP 10 Pocket doors design ideas 2023

Pocket doors or sliding pocket doors are commonly used in closet openings or where there is limited space such that it cannot accommodate the swinging type of door.

What are the features of the pocket door?

Once the door is opened the pocket door opens on each side and disappear in to the wall cavity.
Pocket doors are either single or double door. They are advantageous in that their use adds space of about 10sq feet. This reduces overcrowding and save on space.

The pocket door designs are currently fortified and have high quality pocket door hardware.

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The use of pocket doors has expanded and are currently being used in bathrooms, closets, home offices, pantries, and utility rooms. Their widely usage is due to their property of resurgence.

The pocket door has the following desirable characteristics:

  • Saves on space and can add up to 10sq feet of the area to the house. They give one all the space in the house.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The pocket doors are either single or double
  • Modern pocket doors have strong construction properties
  • They slide into the wall compartment hence the doors cannot obstruct passage.

Pocket door hardware; mounts on the inner side of the flush with the surface allowing free sliding of the door in and out of the pocket freely. There are several types of pocket door hardware available in the market,

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The pocket door hardware include:

  1. Pocket door locks. These should be automatic latching in that once the door is closed the locks get latched.
  2. They come in three different types; standard pocket door lock, the round pocket door and the mortise lock box style.
  3. Pocket door pulls
  4. Pocket door jamb kits
  5. Wall mount kits
  6. Track and hardware sets
  7. Pocket door EZ closer
  8. Pocket Door Frame kits.
  9. Finger pull.

pocket doors 1


pocket doors 2

pocket door hardware 1

pocket door hardware 2

pocket doors 3

pocket doors 4

pocket door hardware 3

pocket door lock 1 pocket door lock 2 pocket door lock 3 pocket doors 4


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