Bedroom Furniture Sets Big Lots

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One if the cheaper variants it seems to be ideal for road hotels. Wide bed for two persons takes most of the space. All parts of the furniture are compact and blank. A lamp with an air-mover is a great decision during hot season or if you are located in some hot country.  As you can notice decorations are rather poor.
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Some interesting decisions can be found in this bedroom design. The part of the wall where a high window is installed is somehow deepened comparing with another wall surface. Such a trick makes the room look visually bigger. Wardrobe with big mirror on the doors, which is separated when they are opened, stands just beside the window for better lightening.
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The mixture of natural wood color and light green makes a very calming atmosphere. Tall windows besides the bed give an excellent lightening, yet someone might find such location too close to the private area and unsafe. The bed itself is equipped with big sliding shelves which are perfect for storing linens.

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Here is a nice example of mixing different styles in one room. Eastern motives can be found on the frames and decorations of mirrors and windows. You can hardly find any shelves hanging or numerous tables, instead of them there are some large niches on the walls. They can be used like a decorative part and also play the role of shelves.


Classic view of a bedroom, nothing odd can be found. Massive bed and chest of drawers made of wood is a safe variant at any time and any place. From the decorations there are only some pictures and a vase, yet there is a table with a large TV-set and DVD system for entertainment. The main plus of this interior is its practicality.

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If you like old-school and style of the beginning of the twentieth century you will probably enjoy this bedroom. Dark wooden furniture with rounded bas-relieves is even close to a Victorian style. Pay attention at the bed with columns, you can hang some blinds between them and separate yourself from all the other space.


If you want to create some warm atmosphere, take a look at his beautiful design. The classic combination of dark brown wood and creamy walls, such scheme not only creates a calming atmosphere, it also makes the room look warmed up and lightened. Such bedroom will not probably go on with youngsters, its audience is adults.


The combination of black and white will always make your bedroom look modern and clear, which is underlined by sharp forms of the furniture. Yet, designer brought some old fashioned elements for a contrast, you may notice an old-styled stationary telephone and some black-and-white photos hanging over the bed.

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Cubism is one of the most widely spread design styles used in modern interiors. Here is a great example, the front wall is decorated by huge wooden blocks of a square shape, and the same are stand lamps and all furniture elements. The only thing that was added for contrast is a rounded vase standing on a square column.


Want to know how does it feel to live on a queen’s palace? Look at this design; here everything is full of luxuriousness and richness. Massive rounded furniture with artistic wood carving is a real symbol of Victorian area. It is stressed even more by an old-fashioned lamp hanging in the middle of a room and pictures without any abstractionism.


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