Jerusalem Furniture Bedroom Sets

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Brown colors and black wood create the atmosphere of warmness and cosines. It might seem deem, yet two windows and two stand lamps besides the bed solve this problem and full the bedroom with a light that makes it look even warmer. Three pictures in square frames over the bed might look nice for a perfectionist.
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Minimalism as it is. Square shapes of the bed and other furniture make the effect of perfect order. Grey walls, and the furniture made in a color of light wood completed by the huge wall-sized windows make the room bright and clear. Also strict shapes visually enlarge the room space. Such design looks really modern and up to date.
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Massive furniture made of a dark-brown wood creates the atmosphere of coziness and old-school. Long windows guarantee enough sunlight inside your bedroom all day long. The picture of a dry tree is harmoniously combined with a vase with tree branches instead of flowers. People over their forties might find this bedroom just great.
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Combination of monotonous gray walls and dark-brown furniture designed in strict shapes creates some really modern and calming view. Bright bed linen made of silk adds some contrast to the room. More colors are added by using the picture of an azure ocean surface and the same colored semi-transparent vase.


Nice variant for those who enjoys bright contrasts. The contrast is not only between dark-gray walls and bright wooden furniture, but also in the shapes. Sharp corners of the walls and the ceiling are mixed up with half-rounded headboards and the mirror. The long picture in an abstraction style brings some flavor and emphasizes the style.


The extraordinary design made in an old school style with antique elements. Massive black wooden furniture contrasts with gray walls and the white ceiling divided into numerous squares and framed by thick crown moldings. The old-school effect is enhanced by a gothic-style lamp and a Roman bust placed on a chest of drawers.

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Perfect bedroom designed for a teenage girl. Bright color scheme with a lot of pink: pink flowers on linen, rosy decorations on the walls and vases with a stand lamp of the same color. Girls will also find a big console-mirror very useful, as they care about their look and beauty very much, especially at this age.


This design of a bedroom was created for flats located in modern sky-scrapers and hotel complexes. Everything is made in a strict minimalism, both, in shapes and colors. Pour black and white color scheme is only diluted by yellow light of lamps and the only rounded form that you might find is a plate on the coffee-table.

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The perfect example of a combination of a bedroom and an office might be very useful if you live in a small house or a flat and don’t have enough rooms. Small bed is separated right near the table, so it will not take long to get to working place. Everything is painted in white color with some green inclusions to create sunny mood and summer atmosphere.


Here is some really hot and passionate design that will be perfect for young, and not only, couples. The combination of deep black and bright colors makes the room looking really garish and provokes the psychic activity. Without numerous and large windows it could look dim and even depressive, there should be a harmony.


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