Disney Cars Bedroom Furniture for Kids

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If you want your child to feel please, one of the best ways is to stylize a nursery in a Disney Cars cartoon style. The central part is a bed, of course. It is made in a form of a sport car, in this bed your child will feel like a real car racer. The picture of this car can be found everywhere: on the walls, stand laps and even on a carpet.
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Children always enjoy watching animated cartoons and like toys of their favorite heroes. Imagine how happy will be your child when a whole room will be decorated with them. In this interior each part of furniture is covered with pictures of a car from Disney cartoon. There are also pictures with cartoon heroes hanging on walls.


The whole furniture set in this room is stylized doe to Disney’s cartoon Cars. A color scheme is red, a bed looks like a real racing car, wardrobes and chest of drawers also have thematic pictures. Walls and a floor show a view of a beautiful landscape. Playing in such room will make your child feel like he is a hero of the cartoon himself.

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Comfortable armchair decorated and looking like a car from a famous cartoon. The eyes are drawn at a seat back and a smile at a front side. It might seem that the armchair is looking at you and trying to say something. This armchair will be a perfect present for your child. It is made only of highly qualitative materials, which a safe for child’s health.


A set of an armchair and a pouf stylized due to a Disney’s cartoon Cars. The armchair is divided into two parts; back sets have printed pictures of the main heroes. On the top of the pouf there is a logo of the cartoon. They both are painted in a blue and red color scheme. You can be sure that your child will be glad to find such set in his room.

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A big set of furniture to a nursery decorated with pictures from a Disney’s cartoon Cars. It consists of a bed, a set of a table and two chairs, a storing box and a shelf stand for toys. All parts of the furniture are colored in the original blue and red color scheme. You can take the whole set or only the parts that you like more.


Children’s bed with pictures of favorite cartoon heroes will always become a central part of furniture in a nursery. The bed is brightly colored in a blue color, made of a solid plastic and oriented only for a one child. The pictures from a cartoon are at the front and back sides. Your child will be really happy to sleep in such bed.


This toy chest is made in a form of a tool box on wheels. It is divided into three parts; each part is decorated with a picture from a Cars cartoon. The wheels will allow your child to move it around a room. With such chest you will hardly find any toys thrown around the room, as they will be stored in the chest.

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Here is a large nursery for two children stylized up to a famous cartoon. There are two two-tier beds with linens covered with printed pictures of cars. The walls are decorated with a drawn speedway. Even the futons are painted and look like a starting line flags. You have to think about this variant if you have little boys.


If you are tired of toys thrown around the house and cannot make your child to store them in one place, try to buy him this shelf stand. It is decorated with pictures from a famous cartoon which is well-known among all children nowadays. Such design can really motivate him to store all toys inside without throwing them all-around.


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