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The up to date bedroom set with a huge bed for two persons, an armchair and a chest of drawers made of a glance metal.  The combination of black and mirroring surfaces is rather rare. The two hanging lamps are at both sides of the bed, one lamp for each person. The interior is rather grey and dull; those who like bright colors will find it depressive.

This bedroom set was designed for customers who enjoys classic. A massive bed, wooden chest of drawers and two standing lamps, create a calming and clear atmosphere. Next to the bed there is a decorative table, made in some ancient style. All elements of the interior are colored in white and grey colors, except the chest of drawers.


Here is a magnificent bedroom set created for real madams. The bed is covered with light pink linens. Chests of drawers are made of wood, decorated with patterns. Besides the two stand lamps there is a beautiful chandelier made in the Victorians style, hanging from a ceiling. You may hardly find a woman who will not enjoy this set.

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When one looks at an interior of this bedroom, first of all he might notice a very interesting back of the bed, which is made up by putting two old-fashioned doors together. Also this bedroom combines a chandelier and modern cressets which contrast with each other. A big window brings enough sunlight to mare the room lightened and bright.


This bedroom set is stylized due to the trends of the beginning of the 20th century and looks rather archaistic. The bed is installed inside a wooden carcass, the upper part of which can be used to hang curtains. The chandelier hangs unusually low hanging on a chain. A wall behind the bed is decorated by numerous pictures, just like in a home gallery.

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Here is a nice example of how lightening may create a magic atmosphere, which is especially important in a bedroom Two standing lamps lighten walls making them look yellow, yet wooden parts of a furniture do not reflect the light. Such culming atmosphere is ideal for evening talks or reading, it calms down and helps to relax.


In this bedroom set everything is painted on light colors. Walls, a bed and linen are gray. A mirror stands directly on a floor; it is a man tall height and allows you to see not only your head but a whole body. Among decorative elements there are pictures, stand lamps and a kind of a Greek bust. In general, the interior looks rather monotonous.


If you lack bright contrasts in colors and shapes you must take a look at this interior. All angles of the furniture are sharp; you can hardly find any roundness. The wooden furniture is painted in a deep black colors and contrasts with light walls and white stripes on the linen. Such cubism is somehow is diluted by flowers standing behind the bed.

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A designer decided to make this bedroom urban enough. The walls look like unpainted concrete at the construction yard. Linen on the bed is also selected due to this color scheme. Other parts of furniture are painted in a glossy white color. Such interior is created not for masses; most of customers will find it cold.


Now you can see a shining and sunny interior for those who enjoy bright things. A classic bed with a metallic carcass is covered with light green linen and pillows. A bucket of spring flowers stays at a table nearby. The atmosphere of spring is stressed out by a sunlight getting though a window. Carpets that look like clouds are also unusual.



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