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Using sliding doors at a kitchen to hide a kitchen counter with all utensils is a very interesting idea. It allows separating them from the rest of a room and close when they are not in use. That’s how you can turn a kitchen to a dining room by one move. There are two windows of a translucent glass, so the counter will be partially seen.
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Luxury dining room requires the same entrance into it. Here is where double doors with windows of clear glass, decorated with waving metal planks insertions can be ideally used. Talking about a material, wood painted in white used in the door’s construction and its framing will always look nice and modern.
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Perhaps everyone has a wardrobe in bedrooms and more often sliding doors are used to separate them from the rest of a bedroom. Here there is an example of long doors consisting of four parts. Made of a glazed translucent glass they also play a role of a big mirror. The color of doors should be chosen due to a general gamma of an interior.

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Take a look at this magnificent example of a stylistic decision. Two old doors are used as parts of new sliding ones. Nothing was changed in them, paint is scraped and faded, and even the old hinges are not removed. Such doors look really unusual and will add some passion to any interior. You can only change handles to make opening more convenient.


Wardrobe sliding doors should not be necessarily huge and take a place of a whole wall; one can use a door with only one moving part as it is shown here. The door is made of a translucent glass, decorated with metallic dots, framed in wooden planks; a rail is also hidden behind such. Such door looks minimalistic and takes a little space.

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A short sliding door consisting of one part divides two separate rooms. It is made of a translucent white glass framed in dark wooden planks. The glass is also crossed horizontally by four planks too. A handle is hanged a little bit lower than usual; it makes it easier to get your hand to it when you want to open the door.


One of the best ways to separate your bedroom from a living room is to use sliding doors. For better privacy it is better to use doors without glass windows. Here is the example of two-sided doors made of solid wood. To make the design not so boring, designers decided to add some louver boards’ relief.

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Using sliding doors made of glass is very popular in big offices. It allows dividing working places from each other, yet they still can be observed and a working process can be controlled. Also, such decision allows economizing electricity, as a lightening is much improved because light freely goes through such doors and walls.


Sliding doors with big windows are often used as an entrance from outdoors. Someone might find it great as it gives a free view at the yard, others might worry because of a lack of privacy. This problem can be easily solved by hanging some curtains. You will be able to close them when necessary, and no one will be allowed to stare at what you are doing.



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