Aesthetic and Useful Interior sliding door gear set

Interior sliding door gear set is used massively nowadays due to some of its typical features that differentiate them from traditional hinged doors.

Most important and useful feature of sliding doors is in its space consumption which is very less as compared to the traditional ones. Also, sliding doors give your home an aesthetic look.


Sliding doors can be used both inside the house as well as as an entrance to the backyard. The sliding doors that are used inside the house are the interior sliding doors that mostly have two or three sections.

Each section can move in either direction along an axis, sliding past each other. These types of interior sliding doors are called bypass doors. The mechanism to operate these types of sliding doors is called the interior sliding door gear set. They are mostly of three types.

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The most used one is the top hung sliding door gear that has a top rolling system. Being light in weight, they can be used inside the house as per your personal choice, be it the door of your closet or your book shelves.

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interior sliding door gear set photo - 2
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