21 Exciting ways to use sliding door hardware to spruce up your property

Sliding door hardware is incredible flexible and durable.


In addition to creating a number of unique closet designs, these products can be used outside of the property on additional storage structures, or to enhance the appearance of your pool house. You can even use sliding closet door hardware to create an attractive closure that hides your entertainment system from view when you want to create a sophisticated living room ambiance.

Use Sliding Barn Door Hardware To Modernize Your Storage Shed

Although your storage shed serves the very practical functioning of housing important home maintenance equipment and other tools, this can still be an attractive space. With sliding barn door hardware, you can create storage that enhances outdoor aesthetics, rather than detracts from them.

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When you build or alter your wooden shed, simply install sliding barn door hardware on the outer wall to create an entry that is eye-catching, easy to use and easy to secure.

Hide Your Entertainment System

Even a high-end entertainment system can become a bit of an eyesore. Countless gaming consoles, DVD players, DVDs, speakers, and wires can detract from the overall appearance of your living room. Tucking these things away when you aren’t using them will give this space a sophisticated and streamlined look.

Set up your entertainment system in the nook of a recessed wall. You can then install sliding closet door hardware that will allow you to close this space off. Look for options in sliding door hardware that matches your lighting features, whether you’re using wall sconces, hanging lights or other decorative fixtures. Coordinating these pieces will create a perfectly polished room that looks as if its been designed by professionals.

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Create A Convenient Entrance For Your Pool House

Another great way to use sliding door hardware is to enhance the exterior of your pool or guest house. This is especially true if you are already using these options on other, secondary building structures like your storage shed. Coordinating these features across your property will show a keen attention to detail.

With a sliding door at the pool house, it will be easy for energetic kids to get in and out of the pool area with little effort. Best of all, much like the sliding door on your storage shed, this feature will be easy to lock and secure which is essential for keeping small children safe.

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