20 Security Tips Put Into Consideration During Door installation

Security come first in any homestead.

Ensuring that ones house is protected from thieves as well as other natural calamity gives the homeowner peace of mind as it is certain that nothing can be lost through theft or destroyed through wind, storm or sunlight. When installing a door, it is key to put into consideration factors that will enhance security.


Installing security doors that are well fitted with door security bars goes a long way in enhancing safety both for the homeowner and the property inside the house. Use of security storm doors helps in securing a house from natural calamities such as hurricanes, storms or excess heat from sunlight. The objective of this article is to provide security tips that must be put into consideration when installing a door.

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Well made security doors should not have windows near the locks. This is so because buglers can easily break the windows glass and have access of the lock making it easy to open or break into the house. Door windows should be located away from the locks. At time windowless doors would work best.

Sometimes the door frame and jamb are neglected during a door installation. A weak frame may be used as a point of door breakage by the storm or thieves even if the door is strong. Use of strong door frames that are reinforced with door security bars made with galvanized steel gives the door ability to withstand excess force.

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Functional conditions

A regular check of the door locks helps in ensuring that they are in well functional conditions and are not tempered with. It is also wise to change the door keys regularly just in case anyone got access of them and made a copy of the same.

Blocked doorways may be used as points of hiding for thieves. It is paramount to ensure that there is nothing blocking the doorway so that one can see clearly if anyone is approaching. Flowers and tree used at home for beauty purposes should be placed elsewhere but not near the windows or the door.

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Locks should be made in a way that they can extend well to the door frame. Additional deadbolts that can only be accessed from the inside of the house also helps in enhancing security.

For any homeowner who is concerned about safety and security of the house, installing of security doors with door security bars would help in giving assurance of security. For safety concern, installation of security storm doors serves the purpose.

security doors 1


security doors 2


Example of Wrought Iron Security Door, by Artistic Iron Works, Las Vegas, NV

door security bar 1

door security bar 2

door security bar 3

security doors 4

security storm doors 2

security storm doors 3 security storm doors 4


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