Kitchen white cabinets dark countertops – give your kitchen fresh and elegant look

If you want your kitchen to have fresh and elegant feel, white kitchen cabinets with dark countertops is the ideal choice.

Optical illusions

With white you can’t go wrong. If you have a small kitchen, white cabinets will make it seem larger and brighter, and if it is a large kitchen, white will give it a fresh and clean look.

In both cases, kitchen white cabinets with dark countertops will give form and visually connect the entire room.

Modern kitchen design

Modern white kitchen is always minimalistic. But to avoid monotony, use kitchen appliances in various materials, tiles on the wall and floor, or glass cabinet doors in all patterns and colors.

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Countertops in dark shades of gray or dark wood will be an excellent choice.

Classic kitchen design

Fans of classic kitchen design can choose marble countertops with classic kitchen cabinets. You can also paint your old kitchen cabinets white and buy new countertops, and you will have a brand new kitchen.

A touch of rustic or country designs features will give you that classic style look.


With kitchen white cabinets dark countertops, you can really play with details and decors. Everything goes with white, while the dark kitchen surfaces will highlight your decorations.

Lighting is also a nice complement to the design and can highlight the contrast of white cabinets and dark countertops very effectively.

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