Sliding pocket doors fire rated – protect your home from fire

Sliding pocket doors fire rated are unique and classy compared to common doors found just about everywhere.


Sliding pocket doors fire rated can be used to make a small room look bigger and vice versa just by sliding them in and out of their pockets.

Furthermore, they save on space, because they stay out of the way once they’re open. Easily turn a sliding pocket door into décor, by getting one made of glass. This will give the illusion that a room has even more space.

Fire rated

When getting your door installed, consider getting one that is fire rated. This basically means that it has been made to withstand fire.

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It is different from normal doors in that, it has been made out of special material that ensures low flame spread. Incase fire does spread out, the door will definitely hold out.

Go ahead and get your house installed with a sliding pocket door fire rated, for style and safety.

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