20 Automatic door openers 2023

An automatic door opener isn’t just useful for reasons of accessibility and convenience.

Businesses can improve productivity in the workplace by installing an automatic door opener in important locations, whether the workplace is an office, a factory, or a warehouse. Studies have shown that automatic door openers can improve business productivity by over 40%. Talk about an open doory policy!

Here are three ways automatic door openers can improve business productivity:

  1. An open door can lead to rapid changes in temperature, especially if your workplace has a central air conditioner or heater. By installing an automatic door opener in key areas, such as the entrance and exit of your workplace, or the entrance to a warehouse, you can save on expensive heating and cooling bills. Additionally, your employees won’t have to deal with rapid temperature changes which can make them drowsy or overheated.
  2. Workplaces that manufacture and store goods must constantly have an open door for clients and suppliers. Having your employees stop their work just to open these doors is time-consuming and lowers business productivity. By installing an automatic door opener for the front door, as well as the warehouse dock, you can save thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity and ensure your employees don’t get distracted.
  3. Doors are some of the first parts of a business building to be replaced, due to their constant use. Often, employees will slam doors open and shut without even knowing it, leading to extensive damage and shortening the life of the door. An automatic door opener solves this problem by ensuring that the door opens only as far as it needs to go.


Although automatic door openers have a high up-front cost, they are valuable investments that more than pay for themselves over their lifetime, and improve productivity in the process. So, end your “open door policy” already and automate your doors – you won’t regret it.



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