TOP 20 Double French Closet Doors 2023

Look at the example of classic wooden double door which are usually used indoor between rooms. White color is the most popular about them; there is also a very simple pattern on the surface. Such model is less expensive and can be used in every flat and house, as it will fit to any interior without problems.

Double french closet doors are very popular to be installed in wardrobes. They give a convenient and free excess. Here is the model consisting of two parts that can be opened together and separately. Being made of wood makes the doors solid, easy to be painted and cleared. The construction is just as simple as that, very easy to set and demount.


Talking about wardrobe doors, more and more people prefer to use classic double doors. Such construction earned its popularity through years; they recommended themselves like a very easy to use and solid construction. White color and trellis patterns have always been the most popular among customers.

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Beautiful model of double French doors made of dark brown wood and translucent white glass. Such construction gives a high privacy and at the same time allows some light go through them. The model looks strict and modern, it is recommended to be used at any flat and you will probably admire its benefits.

Massive double french closet doors made of wood, with an arching upper part are installed somehow deepened in a thick wall; the doorway is also framed with a stone arch. This design creates an old-styled and even gothic atmosphere. Using it as the entrance to a house will make it really unusual and distinguished from others.

More often sliding doors are used to in wardrobes. Such decision is very useful if the room where it is situated does not have enough space. While opening, sliding parts of doors do not extrude to the room and don’t waste any free space. Also these doors are very convenient in the child’s rooms, as they are easier to be opened.

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Here are the examples of two brilliant models of double wooden French doors. They have a brown wood color, decorated with beautiful patterns. The first model has two small windows at the top; they give some light, yet save your privacy. The second doors are decorated with metal screws, which make them look more solid.

Take a look at some old-school double french closet doors. They are made of the red wood, which looks  with skirting boards harmoniously. Each side has a long window crossed by thick planks. Each window is covered with a curtain that can be moved out if it will be necessary, at all other cases it adds some style and makes them look homelike.


Here is the example of a non classic design of double doors. Each side of the door is also divided into two, handles are at the middle of each part and when you are opening they move like bellows connection. Such structure can be called a transformer. The most useful such doors will be at the wardrobes or closets.

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Usage of French double doors at the main house entrance is very popular, yet many customers try to avoid models which have glass windows, as they might give a view on what is going on inside. This model uses a translucent glass with a glossy surface, which will show nothing except a reflection of a guest.

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