Best walk in closet ideas

One of the modern features which you should include in your home is a walk in closet. A walk in closet is a wonderful way to make your home cozy and to showcase your collection of clothes and shoes. If done rightly, the closet can make your room look like an elegant boutique. Imagine the ambience of warmth such a feature will offer your room.

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There are various walk in closet ideas you can apply to transform your room into a glamorous looking storage space. Whether you need small walk in closet ideas or you are seeking to convert a larger room into a clothes closet, you will find these ideas helpful. Here are five such ideas:


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Ample space

The most important consideration for a walk in closet should be space. No matter the size of the room, make sure there’s plenty of space within the closet for storing your clothes and other items. The compartments should be large and wide enough to accommodate your items without there being an overcrowding. An overcrowded closet looks uninviting and even unorganized.

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In addition to spacious compartments, you should also consider the aisle or corridor space. This space should be large enough to allow you move within the closet with ease.


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Decorations and accessories

Your walk in closet will look better if you introduce decorations and accessories than if it’s just plain. Place a table or a vanity at the center of the closet and have things such as teddy bears or fresh flowers on top of it. These will make the entire place appear warm and beautiful. You can also introduce a simple velvet settee bench or even pillows to sit on. Also, you can have little woven baskets to place small items in.

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An infusion of color will transform your closet into a great looking place. You can try color blocking for a unique kind of look or even multicolors for a vivatic look. Alternatively, you can try out all white look. You will never go wrong with the all white color when it comes to closets and dressing rooms. The all white look offers an unrivalled touch of sophistication and loveliness.



The floor

The appearance of the floor has a direct effect on the overall appearance of the closet area. A dull looking floor makes the entire area appear dull and vice versa. Try introducing soft and warm colored floor rugs to add charm and brightness to the closet.

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High quality materials

The quality of materials you choose for surfaces or storage spaces will determine how elegant your closet looks. Try going for quality materials such as corian countertops and solid timber flooring.


You can improve your closet

It is possible to transform your room into a wonderful looking closet area. You only need to apply the walk in closet design ideas listed above as well as any other appropriate ones.





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