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Cats are the type of animals which require an access to any part of the house and street 24/7. There might be situations when the fulfillment of the furry friends’ desires is not possible. For example, if you live in a distant area with the wild animals nearby, it would be rather problematic to leave the doors or windows open as the undesired guests can visit your premise.

Moreover, the cats like sitting on a balcony during the night or attend kitchen. In this situation, the cat door will become an excellent piece of equipment for the use by a purring friend.

There are several variations of the item and each of them has got a particular specification. The most popular solutions are tunnels, doors, passageways, and flipping windows. Each of the mentioned pieces of equipment allows the cat to move without obstacles from one place to another. It can leave the house whenever it wants without the necessity to remind you about it.

The Passageway for a Cat

The simplest of the door solutions for a little tiger is a passageway that is performed in shape of a little hole without doors. It is obvious that it can’t be used for the parade doors and should be installed for indoor use only. With personal doors, your cat will be capable to get to any room where it is allowed to.

There are special models which are equipped with a fleece covering which sticks to the fur of the cat performing a cosmetology function. Any time, your friend will crawl through the hole the fleece will remove the strands of hair preventing them from being scattered all around the premise. It will save you both time and nerves, especially if the animal hates being brushed.

The following option is known for the following positive features:

  • It is extremely easy to install.
  • This type is for indoor use only.
  • A person can craft this type of doors on his own.

The door has got some disadvantages as well.

  • You will have to create some sort of an obstacle in case there is a necessity to isolate the feline by means of some box or a piece of furniture.
  • The door with holes in it is deprived of the noise blocking functions.
  • It is not the best solution for the toilet door as the hole will let all the smells pass through it.

The Cat Window

Here we have a more comfortable modification of the passageway for a traveling pet. It still is not deprived of the problem with smells and odors, but the insular qualities are higher. The cat can push the window and walk through the passage in the most convenient manner. There are models which are equipped with a lock to prevent either leaving or entering.

The model has the following known issues.

  • The flipping door produces noise when the cat passes through.
  • Due to a weak construction of the lock the door is not advisable for the entry doors.
  • Some animals develop the skills of opening the lock with their paws.

The Cat Door

The cut-in construction is one of the best modern variants of a pet door. There is an abundance of models made of plastic, wood, and metal. All of them have an attractive design to suit various types of interior. Most of the models consist of two parts and a tunnel that unites these elements. It is performed in a manner to grant both aesthetic and practical look.

The only thing a person should know about the installation is the thickness of the door as there are several models with various thickness. There are additional options that are adaptable for all types of doors.

Most of the doors are made of an extra durable material that is supposed to last for many years of service. Due to the possibility to be installed outdoors, it is humidity proof to withstand rainy weather. There are several modifications which are available for the purchase.

  • The model with hermetic laying. The outer part of the door frame is equipped with a hermetic tape. It provides a quiet opening and closing of the door without letting in or out smells and noises.
  • The magnet door. The magnet tape is placed within the body of the door keeping the doors tightly shut. The cat will have to push it to pass through, but it will bring the door to a closed position without producing any type of noise. No wind or draft can move the door and cause noise.
  • The electronic door. The model has a sensor that reacts to the microchip in the collar of the animal. The door will be open only for the owner of a special key – your pet. It means that there won’t be any other intruder in your house especially if there are many stray cats and animals around.
  • Smart cat door. Such an option is equipped with a remote control and it can be even programmed for some particular events. The door can be open at a certain period of time. It can be impenetrable from the outside or from the inside. It is especially effective if you are worried about the safety of the house and a pet.
  • The door with the motion sensor. The construction is equipped with a diodes sensor which states about the presence of the animal indoors. When the diode is red, it means that the animal has left the premise. When green, it means that the animal has returned and is somewhere at home.
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Points to Consider while Selecting the Cat Door

When you have got the understanding of the basic types of doors for cats, it is important to know that there are some features to which you should pay extra attention while purchasing the item.

  • The flap parameters

Although it is quite obvious, it is vital to select the door of a proper size. Yes, the cats can pass through the smallest holes, but you don’t want to have your little tiger stuck in the doors. Consider the average size of the breed and select the most suitable parameters for the pet.

  • The look of the doors

Some cats might be too picky and refuse using the door. Try to select the models which are closer to the square shapes as it feels more natural for the pet to pass through them. The predator instinct of the little beast demands to see everything clearly. That is why it important to have the door either transparent or foggy so that the little fellow could estimate the situation outside.

  • The security questions

Mind the residential area and how safe it is for you and your pet. Think what precautions the door should be equipped with. It can be either a standard hook lock or something more creative like a microchip sensor. Some people do not use any closing functions at all.

  • Quality of the construction

There are numerous models and all of them are made of different material. There are options which are more or less sturdy, and it is up to you to decide which of them to purchase. It is obvious that less durable options cost much cheaper

  • The simplicity of the installation

Consider the options of installation of the pet door and think which of them would be less harmful and time taking for your premise. There are so many options to choose from, why shouldn’t you pick the most convenient for installation?!

Best Cat Doors Reviews

Now when we got acquainted with the majority of the types of doors for our beloved four-legged friends, we can look through the reviews of the most popular models which are presented online. Who knows, maybe some of the presented models will come to your liking.

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door, Adjustable to Fit Window Widths from 27" to 32", Cat Flap 6-1/4” x 6-1/4” Flap Size
  • High quality white finish aluminum construction installs easily into most aluminum sash window styles. Minimum sash window height requirement is 10.625"
  • Locking rigid flap is made of unbreakable clear Lexan to allow pet to see through opening and is non-toxic for added safety

Those people, who seek for a nice door solution for their cats, would definitely like this stylish variant. The best thing about this model is probably the procedure of the installation as it is easy as something can be.

It won’t take more than a quarter of an hour to prepare it for the usage. The aluminum finish along the perimeter of the frame proves the reliability of the item. Extra magnetic flip contributes to the preservation of security in the house.


  • The size of the door is applicable for large cats and even small dogs.
  • The simplicity during installation.
  • Attractive design suitable for most interiors.


  • There are minor issues while adjusting the door.

High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

Power Pet Large Electronic Pet Door PX-2
  • Motor driven vertically-sliding door is activated by MS-4 ultrasonic collar
  • Directional sensing system opens the door only when your pet is on a direct approach, not when he is just wandering by or sleeping next to the door

When it comes to modern technologies this solution will do the job in the best possible manner. This vertically opening door is operated via a complex mechanism that is activated through the chip placed in the collar of the fluffy tiger.

The model opens and closes whenever the pet comes close to it. Such a model has decent insulation functional array as it is wind- and waterproof. The size of the model will be suitable for giant cats.


  • Large size for matching for both cats and dogs.
  • Perfect protection from the outside weather conditions.
  • A fully automated system of opening and closing.
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  • After a long period of usage, it can produce a portion of the noise.
  • Only the accumulators from the creator of the doors are matching.
  • There might be issues with the reaction of the door to the microchip.

Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate with Door

Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate with Door, Large
  • Included components: parts, hardware and instructions
  • Fits doorway openings from 61. 8-inch to 90. 2-inch

If your cat is one of those animals who often beg to let them out for a walk, then this door will deal with this problem. This model will be matching the medium and giant-sized cats. The item will not have any issues during the installation. There is a special lock at the bottom of the door which will add extra safety and prevent the appearance of undesired guests.


  • The model is installed in a rather easy manner.
  • The construction is an extra heavy-duty to provide many years of loyal service.
  • The design is simple and attractive.


  • There might be some screws missing in the set.
  • The lock might have problems with the opening.

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame, Super Large 15" x 23.5" Flap Size
  • Durable, energy-efficient all-weather pet door with inner telescoping frame
  • Structural foam molded plastic frame with two vinyl flaps for maximum insulation

This model of a cat door is universal for all weather conditions as it utilizes a special type of the frame that ensures a tight attachment to the door without fear that there will be any drafts.

The foam layer adds some extra insulation properties. The door is set within several minutes and the size of the door allows even the biggest animals to use it effectively.


  • An elegant design of the model.
  • Affordable price and universal suitability of the item.
  • A reliable construction with insulation properties.


  • There is a risk of the parameters discrepancy.
  • The vinyl flaps richly consume the humidity.

SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door

SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door - Door Opening is 4 3/4" H x 5 5/8" W
  • Compatible with all common microchips - works with your cat's existing microchip to keep out intruder cats and wildlife
  • Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using dualscan technology - Store up to 32 pets

Modern doors solve the major problem of pet doors owners – preventing the stray animals from penetrating the hose. This microchip operated device is just the right thing for you to install. A double-sided receiver will react equally effective to the presence of your cat regardless of the side of the door.

The sensor is well developed and sensitive, so your fellow won’t have to wait too long till the door opens. The model is operated by means of standard batteries and you will have to change them once a year.


  • It will notify you in case the battery became low.
  • The door is rather silent, and you won’t hear it opening or closing.
  • It won’t open to animals except for your pet.


  • The door is not big enough for big cats
  • There might be some issues with microchip reaction when a battery is low.

Ideal Pet Products 80″ Fast Fit Aluminum Pet Patio Door

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Pet Patio Door, Adjustable Height 77-5/8" to 80-3/8", 7" x 11-1/4" Flap Size, White
  • Available in two finishes: Mill and White
  • Adjustable height for various sizes of sliding patio doors

This door was specifically designed to work efficiently with aluminum made door to the backyard. It is a good selection for those people who want to add a cat door but are renting the premise. The model does not require any special equipment and can be installed in no time. A flap is made of a soft transparent vinyl and that is the type of the door that is mostly loved by the cat.


  • The model is universal for both cats and dogs.
  • The construction deserved respect due to reliability.
  • The process of installation is rather fast.


  • There are issues with the locking equipment.
  • The holding magnet might be rather heavy for a cat of a smaller breed.

Cat Mate Elite I.D. Disc Cat Flap with Timer Control – White

This is another smart cat door that is operated by 4 AA batteries. The model is crafted to grant access to and out the house for the pet while preventing the wild animals to penetrate the house. There is an additional screen which provides data on the status of the door and location of the pet. It can be programmed to monitor the maximum amount of three cats.

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  • The design is rather amazing.
  • The functional spectrum of the item has a rich set of adjustments.
  • The model will last for many years.


  • It is frequently blocked during cold weather.
  • The size of the box is slightly different from the actual size.

Majestic Pet Universal Free-Standing Pet Gate

Universal Free Standing Pet Gate (Wire insert & Cherry Stain)
  • Universal Free Standing Pet Gate
  • Ideal for keeping your pets confined while still keeping your home elegant

This gate is for those people who need to prevent the pets from accessing some particular places in the house without the necessity to use some box or a bucket. This variant will do the job without influencing the interior. A heavy-duty wooden construction will withstand the attacks even of a big sized cat.


  • It can take various shapes and forms.
  • The construction is made durable and extra stable.
  • It doesn’t influence an overall interior.


  • It is time taking to adjust it properly.
  • Some cats can overcome this obstacle.

Cat Door For The Window

Cat Door for Windows by Cat Flap Fever - Lockable Window Pet Door Insert - Custom Sizes For Vertical & Horizontal Windows - Easy Install & Removal, PVC or Plexiglass Base, Built To Order - Made in USA
  • CUSTOM FIT FOR YOUR SPECIFIC WINDOW - Custom cut to ensure perfect fit in your window tracks. When you order, you’ll be prompted to provide your window dimensions so we can build your cat door to the exact specifications of your window.
  • EASY INSTALL AND REMOVAL - Cat door installs in minutes with no tools required and is easily removable.

The cat doors can be installed not only on the doors but on windows as well. The cats adore to leave the houses and return through the window if the height permits.

This model for a window door is specifically crafted for windows to preserve warmth and avoid the appearance of mold. It’s a good choice for those people who don’t want to cut doors as this option is installed almost instantly without any tools or dust.


  • The model is fast installing.
  • The construction is mold-proof.
  • It matches nearly all types of windows.


  • It is recommended to get some extra insulation.
  • The drafts might penetrate the house.
  • It is not big enough for large felines.

PlexiDor Performance Wall Mount Pet Door in Multiple Sizes and Finishes

The model of this type is one of the most durable ones and you don’t have to worry about the quality. It is equipped with a decent lock and even a protector that is made of steel. You can be confident that with the item of such quality there won’t be any undesired intruders.


  • The model is of army-grade quality.
  • It is totally weatherproof.
  • Developed to deal with extra-large cats.


  • The model is rather expensive.
  • There might be problems with opening the lock.

Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door with 4 Way Lock

Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door with 4 Way Lock, 6.25" x 6.25" Flap Size, Cream (SPF)
  • Durable, low-maintenance, weatherproof pet flap with inner telescoping frame
  • Made from clear, weather-resistant, unbreakable Lexan

This model is for those people who tend to keep on a practical side and are not searching for something unusual. The model is universal for entrance door as well as for the interior doors. There is a simple 4-mode mechanism that allows adjusting the door in an appropriate way.

The model is introduced in carbon fiber and can withstand all weather issues. The magnetic flap makes the work of the door totally unnoticeable.


  • The model is rather affordable.
  • 4 modes are available.
  • The carbon fiber is one of the most durable materials.


  • It is not for large sized cats.
  • Small breeds find problems with opening the door.

MOOST Cat Door 4-Way Locking Pet Door for Interior Doors Exterior Doors

This model is designed for those people who have got a limited budget. However, price doesn’t always mean the loss of quality. This model is a simple cat door variation with the basic function of opening and closing. The plastic frame is of a decent quality and you will definitely like the model in your exterior or interior.


  • The item can boast with a low price.
  • The quality of the plastic deserves respect.
  • It has the function of one-sided exit.


  • You can do the whole installation cutting on your own.
  • It is hard to follow the installation scheme of the model.

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door Hidden Litter Box

The Kitty Pass Interior cat Door - let Your cat in and Out of Closed Doors, Secure pet Proof gate Latch - for Cats up to 21 lbs
  • The Kitty Pass is the safest and cutest way to let your cat in and out, of closed doors.
  • Smooth, Wide opening allows your cat to pass through SAFELY, without tails getting snagged or caught up.

This option cannot cause anything but adoration. It is a specially designed model for interior use only. The model is both simple and elegant and will easily become the decoration of the entire room. You can also paint it in the colors to match the interior and make it a true part of the door as the cat is the same member of the family.


  • A lovely unique design.
  • A possibility to customize the model in the way you like.


  • It is only for internal use.
  • Absolutely not for big cats if you don’t want it to stick.

Cat Door – The Original Cathole Interior Pet Door

CATHOLE Wood Cat Door Classic Model - Original Interior Cat Door, Installs Easily, Removable Grooming Brush
  • HIDE THE LITTER BOX: Are you tired of seeing, smelling, or tripping over kitty’s litter box? These cat doors hide the litter box behind a closed interior door and isolate the litter box from guests, toddlers & dogs.
  • INSTALLATION: The Cathole cat door is easy to install and will work with hollow core and solid doors. It is shipped fully assembled. Just use the template to cut the opening in your door, fasten the frames to the door, insert the brush and reinstall the door.

Here is another model of a cat door hole that might find a place in the interior. The model is perfect for inter-room doors and it is not only the means of traveling from one room into another but also it is equipped with the brushes that will remove extra fur from the cat as it will crawl through the personal door.


  • Nice miniature model suitable for all types of doors.
  • It is equipped with brushed for fur removal.
  • The design can match the interior.


  • Not all cats like to crawl into the hole.
  • It is for indoor use only.

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