Choosing Race Car Toddler Bed for Your Little Treasure

There is something special about cars and kids. The boys seem to be really crazy about cars and to some particular age, they adore playing with this type of toys. The car models are fast, bright and colorful and it is obvious that they are totally irresistible. Such an attraction of kids to the machines explains their love for car beds.

The bed that is performed in the shape of some Ferrari or Lamborghini will become for a kid a real playground where all fabulous dreams will come true. After an intensive day of games, a toddler will have a personal car to have rest.

The modern car beds can boast with a range of functions like some extra lighting, others can offer spacious shelves and drawers. Finally, the designs of each car are a real work of arts.

Here you will get information on the popular types of car beds and characteristic features of a good bed that will be the right solution for a healthy sleep of a kid. Remember that getting a car bed means getting two items at once – an awesome toy and a place to sleep.

The Selection of the Best Toddler Car Bed

A kid has a strong demand for a room filled with some nice and attractive furnishing. The bed is an accent of a whole kid’s room and a loving parent can present a car bed of an unusual design to emphasize the style of the room where the toddler will spend most of the time.

Be sure that the item will contribute greatly to developing some unusual atmosphere in the room. While thinking about getting such type of furniture for your apartment, you should remember the following important features of the product.

  • Consider the design of the model carefully.

There are various designer solutions of the car beds. A child can sleep in some F1 car or in some luxury style Mustang, while others prefer a popular cartoon character car. Everything depends on taste and personal preferences of a kid.

You need to consider the personal tastes of the child if you wish to make the best gift. Mind that there are many other popular car bed solutions decorated in all possible styles.

  • Check the correlation between the size of the item and available space.

The room of the kid should have enough space for active movement. That it is why it is recommended to select a car bed that will not occupy a lot of space in the room and that will not prevent the child from normal movement around the premise.

There are options of various sizes and it will be rather easy to pick the most fitting model that shouldn’t occupy more than ¼ of the kid’s room.

  • Always pay attention to the material.

The durability of the material plays a decisive role for an item as the kids are extremely playful and you wouldn’t like to have the bed broken on the very first day of the utilization.

The durable model will not only serve longer but will also prevent the risks of getting injuries in case something gets broken. However, you shouldn’t stick to the point that more expensive is more durable – there are rather affordable models which can boast with the decent sturdiness of the material.

The Basic Types of Car Beds for Kids

As it was told before the car bed is a stylish accessory of the kid’s room and both boys and girls tend to show interest in the item. There are various models with an abundance of modifications which were designed specifically for the needs of a kid. The modern market presents the following types of car style furniture for children.

  • Car beds with light fixture – these are special beds which are equipped with a night lamp and will greatly contribute to falling asleep. You can say goodbye to the fear of darkness as the child will feel protected while sleeping in a personal elite machine.
  • The car beds with shelves and boxes. It is very useful for storing some items for covering the bed. The kid can also put there some pajamas and toys. The boxes usually have plenty of space and it will have a double use as there won’t be any need for keeping the bed items somewhere else.
  • The car beds with desktop area and drawers. This is an amazing complex that is more suitable for older kids. It will have a built-in area for drawing and separate drawers for various things. Basically, you will obtain a real playground where a child can use all the creative potential during gaming.
  • Full imitation car bed. This option copies the car in various aspects. The doors can be opened, there is also a stirring wheel with a panel that copies the real deal. The front lights produce the real light and serve not only as a decoration but as a powerful source of light.

The car bed is a unique experience that can be presented to a kid. The item of a good quality will serve for many years and the kid will spend so many hours in this room with a loyal car bed pal. Imagine how many games there will be played and how much fun with there be experienced.

What Points to Consider while Selecting a Good Bed for a Kid

While you evaluate the model of a car bed, try to check the following criteria of the item so that it was most beneficial for the future owner of the item. Please note that the guidelines can be applied for the selection of any type of bed for a kid as these are the universal tips.

  • This criterion always goes first when we are talking about the items for children. There are various means of detecting the level of safety of the bed. It starts with the detection of acute angles which pose a potential threat to a falling child and ends up with the coating of the materials.

Check if the bed was credited by healthcare associations. Also examine all the materials of the item starting with plastic and ending up with metal and rubber parts. Pay attention to the sleeping area of the bed if there are no dangerous objects around it.

  • Spinal care. While the bodies of children are actually forming, it is really important to keep the backs healthy. Only a decent mattress can provide the kid with a proper spinal support and in future, it will help to avoid numerous health issues. You need to check if it is soft enough and if the springs are well set. The metal frame of the bed should also be reliable enough. Check the height of the bed as it also plays a role in the spine health. The mattresses should have the quality certificates with weight recommendation and parameters of the item.
  • The variations of the car beds were described above and now it is up to you to decide which options you wish to have in the present for your kid. Look through all available options and try to match both the tastes of a child and yours. A box for toys and some night light are rather preferable options as it will add some extra space in the room’s drawers and a source of a night light.
  • We all know that kids are active, and they can jump on the bed and even smash it with the pillow or throw a toy into it. If you wish the item to serve for many years it is recommended to select the items composed of a thick plastic that tends to be more durable. There are variations with a strengthened metal carcass that will ensure a long term of service of the item.
  • Although it may sound really obvious, try to correspond the tastes of the kid and match the interior of the room. Prepare several options for a kid to select and let pick the one that he or she will like most.
  • Cleanability. This parameter is rather simple – you need to be sure that the bed can be easily cleaned as the dust that will accumulate on the bed can be the reason of breathing health issues. All the areas of the bed should be reachable, and it is advisable to have a high clearance so that you could clean the area under the bed.

Toddler Car Bed –Reviews of the Most Popular Models

There is a great variety of car bed models which are available online and you can easily get lost in the abundance of options. We have prepared for you a set of nice models of various designs and styles. All of them have positive and negative features so that you could decide for yourself which of the models will be more suitable for your precious one.

Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed, Black

Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed, Black
  • Recommended for kids of all ages Made from durable, molded plastic
  • Designed to resemble a classic race car with realistic details Accommodates a standard size twin mattress (not included)

This model is designed according to the stylish modern racing supercars. Be sure that the child will really like this model as a lot of care was given to the details of the model to resemble the real deal. It is a rather spacious model for sleeping with high sides to prevent the kid from falling out. The molded plastic of the items ensures a durability level.


  • The design is really amazing.
  • The mode has a lot of space available.
  • The plastic is child safe.


  • The stickers are frail and frequently peeling off.
  • The attaching of the pieces is somewhat problematic.

Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed, Disney/Pixar Cars

No products found.

This model of a car would be loved by the fans of the Disney cartoon and is richly printed with the art of Lightning McQueen. The model is extra portable as it is shipped in pieces and it can be set up rather fast. The material is a nice wood that is durable for active playing. It has extra high sides for ensuring the safety. JPMA certificate proves the reliability of the item for the kids’ usability.


  • It is low to the ground to prevent the falling.
  • The material is top quality wood.
  • The model is rather bright colored.


  • There is a strong smell of fresh paint when it arrives.
  • It can come with scratches so check it out carefully.

KidKraft Race Car Toddler Bed

KidKraft Wooden Racecar Toddler Bed with Built-in Bench & Bed Rails - Red & Blue
  • MADE OF WOOD: Wooden racecar toddler bed is crafted of long-lasting, premium and sustainable materials plus child-safe paints.
  • SIZED RIGHT: Recommended for ages 15 months+; maximum recommended max. weight is 50 lbs. There's even a built-in bench for kids to take a pit stop before bed.

This bed introduces a typical race car that will be loved by a kid. It has the wooden panels of some extra durability so that parents could lie together with a kid. There is an extra stair for leaving the footwear or just sitting there. Another good thing about the model is the size of a sleeping spot that is a standard option of a simple mattress.


  • It is a nice combo of quality and price.
  • The durability is at the top level.
  • You can decorate the model in the way you like.


  • The child can heat the head along the pad as it is not protected.
  • The paint could have been of a better quality.

Step2 Corvette Z06 Toddler Bed to Twin Bed

Step2 Corvette Z06 Toddler Bed to Twin Bed, Red
  • Corvette Z06 twin bed accommodates both a toddler (crib) mattress that can easily be converted to accommodate a twin mattress.
  • Realistic looking CORVETTE Z06 styled body with silver Rims and CORVETTE decals will excite any little Racer!

This is an awesome Corvette Z06 designed race car. The model performed very close to life and is ready to carry the kid to the land of dreams with lightning speed. The front lights of the car are fully operable via 4 standard batteries. With such an equipment the child will cope up with the fear of darkness easier. The durable thick plastic grants several years of decent service.


  • It looks cool and realistic.
  • There is a nice light that is operated by batteries.
  • The plastic is of a good quality.


  • The packaging is weak and the parts might have scratches when arrives.
  • You need to use a drill to make holes for constructing the item.

Delta Children Cars Lightning McQueen Toddler-To-Twin Bed with Lights and Toy Box, Disney/Pixar Cars

Delta Children Disney/Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Toddler-To-Twin Bed with Toy Box by Delta Children
  • Recommended for kids of all ages | Toddler version holds up to 50 pounds | Made from durable, molded plastic
  • Easily converts from toddler to twin by switching out a crib mattress for a twin mattress (not included) | Box spring and optional bunky board (not included)

Here is another attractive car bed model that was inspired by a popular Lightning McQueen character. This item is performed of a heavy duty molded plastic mattress that will endure kids of all ages. It is equipped with a hidden box for toys so that a kid could pack the treasures after the day of games. The headlights of the car also work as with a real car. This is an amazing transformer that can change from a toddler bed into twin bed after a simple manipulation with the front window.


  • It has a large box for toys.
  • The bed is of a decent quality.
  • Transformation capabilities are excellent and easy to perform.


  • The stickers bubble up rather fast.
  • You have to buy additional stickers separately.

Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed Lights Vehicle

Step2 733538854691 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights Vehicle, Blue, Red, Orange
  • Tap-on headlights and race car rims enhance realism of the car bed
  • Accommodates a toddler (crib) mattress, which can be easily converted into a twin mattress

This car is a super gift for the kids who adore collecting the Hot Wheels models. You can consider this bed a giant part of a playground to which you can connect the roads and start the races. It has an area for playing, parking lot zone that is located on a shelf above the head and working headlight for evening games. All these things were set into a sturdy and durable plastic.


  • The item is a real playground for car games.
  • It is composed of tough plastic.
  • It can be furthermore upgraded with extra race tracks connected to the launchers.


  • There might be issues with the installation.
  • It is really hard to mount the bed for a one person and you will require extra tools.
  • Occupies a lot of space in the room.

LAMBO GT comes with twin size memory foam mattress (red)

All boys dream of driving a Lamborghini and there is a chance to fulfill the dream even without a driving license. With this luxurious and glossy model, the child can sleep dreaming of participating in some championships. This car allows opening the doors and it has bright front lights. It has a simulated sound for brakes and movement with a remote control operation. The entire model is made of kid-safe plastic of enhanced durability.


  • It simulates numerous sounds of a real car.
  • Superb GT design will charm every boy.
  • The design can be done manually with stickers.
  • Has two boxes for the toys.


  • The LED light might have issues and must be checked.
  • The stickers won’t stay long.


EXOTIC CAR BEDS Concept GT (White)

The Concept cars are known for the futuristic style as if they were taken from the pages of some comic book. The model bed has extra-large custom designed wheels and dynamics which produce the sound close to the ones of a real sports car. The mattress is made of a top quality foam with memory effect that has got decent spinal supporting parameters which are crucial for the developing bodies of kids.


  • The plastic of the item is of top quality.
  • The wheels are elaborately designed for a more natural look.
  • Memory foam mattress included.


  • The spoiler can be easily broken.
  • The box is closed with problems.


F1 Spyder Race CAR Bed (Yellow)

Here we have a stylish yellow F1designed stylish car bed. It’s got a pretty natural metallic gloss that is popular among the cars. The authors of the bed have put a lot of efforts into the design of the model. It has got even an authentically designed keychain remote to resemble the real one. By means of the item, you will be capable to produce extremely natural car sound and control the light of the car.


  • Attractive glossy color will be loved by kids.
  • There is a spacious box for toys.
  • It produces awesomely realistic sounds.


  • You need to be a professional to construct the bed.
  • The plastic too light.

Toddler Car Bed MiniMax

Another racing car inspired by Disney cartoon introduces a simpler design without sacrificing the quality of the product. All types of mattresses can be utilized with this option. You can use the headlights as a night light by pushing a single button. A standard mattress has been also included to the shipping set. The wooden plates were made extra thick for a greater level of durability.


  • The mattress is part of the set.
  • The paint is children safe.
  • The light works as a nice nightlight.
  • The foundation for a mattress is extra durable.


  • The plastic wheels are too fragile.
  • The batteries go down very fast.

Donco Kids 4004-R Youth Race Car Bed, Red

The model resembles old Pontiac car models, meaning that this option is always in trend as well as red color. You will be surprised with the combination of price and quality. It will be an awesome toddler and twin bed. The sides of the car are higher than the mattress for an extra level of safety. Finally, it is easy to be adjusted together.


  • You can adjust it very fast from the pieces.
  • The sides serve as nice protectors from falling.
  • The model doesn’t occupy a lot of room.


  • Not all parent like MDF material as it is accused of being toxic regardless of permission standards.
  • The paint can rub off if washed too often.

Cilek 20.02.1351.00 GTS Race Car Children Bed Frames, Twin, White

Cilek GTS EV Twin Race Car Bed, Remote Control, LED Lights, EV Sound FX, Vegan Leather Interior, License Plate, White
  • Remote Control with three buttons (start, horn, and off) is included. It features four animation modes (start, acceleration, cruise, and nightlight) controlling the LED headlights, underbody lights, and sound effects. Other details like vegan leather upholstered headboard and interior, side windows as guard rails, a vanity license plate, carbon-fiber look spoilers, and racing decals
  • Assembled dimensions are 50” W x 87” D x 32” H (Headboard height). 22" side height, and 5" ground clearance. 250 lbs. maximum weight capacity. Designed for kids between 4 and 12 years old

This car bed looks like a real deal. The wheels, the neon lights, the seat – all the details are created in the most elaborate manner. The sound and other electronics in the car is operated via a remote and a child will definitely like this option. Additionally, there is a set of furniture to complement the car bed and make the design of the bedroom complete.


  • It is operated via a power adaptor.
  • Combinable with all types of mattresses.
  • Amazing lighting along the perimeter of the car.
  • Good quality of leather imitation.


  • The toy box opens somewhat tightly for a child.
  • The doors can break if too much power is applied.
  • One of the most expensive.

NITRO TURBO GT Kids Room Car Bed with Mattress Racing Sounds and Lights – RED

This car’s design is a superb work of art that will charm all the kids who are passionate about stylish race cars. An exquisite design of the model is reflected in all the attributes of a bed which are so similar to authentic racing car parts, including rims of the wheels, lights, spoilers, interior, and other elements. It’s time to turn the key and start the race.


  • The lighting is absolutely amazing.
  • The car is made of thick glossy plastic.
  • The wheels look as if from the salon.
  • The item is impact-proof.


  • The model is too light.
  • The price is rather biting.

Jeep Car Bed Red

No products found.

This option of a car is designed for active kids who like running and jumping everywhere. With this item, one can enjoy physical activity and sleep with comfort. The model is designed extra durable for active usage. Jeep is a nice stylish car and it can serve as a fantastic bed for a kid. Be sure that it will transform into a superb playground where the kid will express oneself.


  • Awesome playground for kids.
  • The stylish design of the car.
  • The item is made of metal.


  • It is a tricky model to gather.
  • The Jeep is for big rooms.

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