10 Colours to enhance your front entry doors

Anybody who approaches your house is first greeted by the front doors. 

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Before you even open the door to a guest, the front entry doors have already said something to them. An important part of designing your home is deciding what you want your front doors to say to everyone who uses them. The colour of your front doors will make a big difference in how they are perceived by those approaching your home.

Red home door (Irland).
First, consider who uses the front door. Do the family members use a door in the garage? Do close friends use a side door? In some families, nobody but the mailman will ever use the front entry doors, and in other homes, the front door gets constant use. If your front doors are purely decorative, you will want to consider mostly how they appear from the street.

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Double front doors present a formal appearance and are most visible from the curb. To give double doors a more imposing appearance, consider painting them a dark colour to emphasize their size. If, however, your double front doors are commonly used by guests, consider that they may be confused about which door to open.

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In many houses, the second door is not functional, and guests can be frustrated if they attempt to open a door that is purely decorative! If this is a problem, you might want to paint the decorative door the same colour as the trim or the house, while painting the functional door a contrasting colour. This will signal to guests which door they should use.

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Single front entry doors can be painted any colour you choose, although builders often paint them to match the home’s trim. Choose a colour that complements your home and creates the mood you desire. Dark colours are more formal and soothing, bright colours are more welcoming and more cheerful. And remember, the most important thing when choosing paint for your front doors is to pick a colour that will make you feel happy every time you walk through it!

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