11 Halloween door decorations

Halloween is around the corner, how do you want your doors to look like? 

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Since Halloween is a matter of days let’s see what you need for the doors. Firstly, are the door decorations. Find skeletons, bats, wreaths, spiders, mice, spider webs or coloured pumpkins for good door decorations.

halloween door decor 2
Secondly, are the Halloween door decoration ideas. Pick something which is absolutely simple but very funny. Spiders will make your door to have a cute petrifying massive appearance. However, if you dislike spiders, use the wreaths. Use one or two wreaths if your house has a single or double doors respectively.

halloween door decor 3

Another way is to have the yellow band written ‘DO NOT COME NEAR’, placed at the middle across your door. Place it well on the door, anybody visiting will think twice before touching the door bell which is what Halloween is about scare somebody a little. Next, Halloween is not good minus any bats.

halloween door decor 4

Place a nice looking scary pattern of a swarm of bats on walls next to the door. In case your house has some space immediately after the door, place a skeleton on a chair. I have only seen it in movies where somebody dies while seated and people forget about them until they lose all flesh and become a skeleton. If you create a skeleton on a chair scene, it looks amazing just like in horror movies.

halloween door decorations 1
Lastly, is the Halloween door decor. Carefully cover the frames of the door with an orange masking tape(a blue masking tape can also do a similar workO before writing patterns to hang on it. Next, create a caterpillar using small pumpkins and connect them using a string.

halloween door decorations 2

You can also connect them using toothpicks. Mark the eyes and leave ‘the creature’ on a chair next to the door. Alternatively, make some yarn spiders and hang them on the door. You can also opt for candy craft spiders that bring some Halloween door look.

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