Your Dog’s lifestyle made easy with Wall dog door

So you want to give your dog or pet the freedom to come and go as they please, Wall dog door is the perfect solution to look for. Wall dog doors can be easily installed anywhere in your home, keeping your home insulated and pet-accident free.

Here’s how the wall dog door can make both you and your pet’s life easy

  • Easily control your dog’s access to certain areas.
  • No more scratching at the doors.
  • No more planned schedule of potty breaks.
  • Keeping some pets out and some pets in.

Wall dog doors come in various types

Weather Tight Wall Dog Doors: These are the perfect choice for places where the temperature can go as low as -30F. These wall dog doors stay flexible and tight sealed even at such low temperature.

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Electronic Wall Dog Doors: These tend to be a good choice when it comes to keeping other strays like mice and lizard out of your home. These doors operate on your pet’s microchip ID.

Nail Tough Wall Dog Doors: The frames of these doors are made of extra durable material like aluminium and uses a hinge flap design to prevent chipping.

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