20 things to know about Dog scratching door

Dog owners have different varieties of dog scratching door types available in the market to choose from that would suit their pet’s needs and preferences.


Installing a dog scratching door will certainly put your mind at ease as you won’t have to worry about finding doors full of scratches from your dog.

Of course, first, you’ll have to reflect on the size of dog scratching door you’ll need for your pet (small, medium or large).

Convenient and durable

Consequently, you’ll need to make a choice on the type of dog door suitable for your pet, and these dog doors generally come in different styles, designs and materials to fit your preference.

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Some dog scratching door that are made of plastic which is the traditional and most common type. This allows your pet to see through the doors. There is also the aluminium dog scratching door which are heavier and more durable.

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