20 Vegetable garden box ideas for 2019

Designing vegetable garden box ideas is an easy task, and you will be surprised with the results you can achieve. Here are tips on how to draw a layout for your vegetable garden.

Select and prepare a place

Provide proper conditions to enjoy an abundant harvest. Choose a spot in your backyard to put your garden box that has plenty of sunlight.

You need a soil rich in nutrients and minerals.

Design layout for vegetables

Select the varieties of vegetable garden box ideas that will thrive in your climate. Plant the tall crops on the north side of your garden to avoid shading of the small ones which should go south, the medium ones in the middle.

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Sun exposure is best when the rows of plants run from north to south.

Plan for a good visual effect

Your vegetable garden box ideas will look more attractive if you add herbs to the composition.

To improve space management add containers in places where the boxes will not fit. Paths will be better and more comfortable if you add a layer of gravel.



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