Walk in closet dressing room design – representation of your luxury

Walk in closet dressing rooms have and will always remain to be a representation of lavishness/luxury. There have been elusive misconceptions that walk in closet dressing room are only found in mansions. This is a big LIE, and I want to be spared of this wrong idea. I don’t want you to buy it either because it doesn’t hold water. I believe in changes and I hope you are among those who embrace change too. If you are out there and you want to upgrade your dressing room, you are at the right place, my dear friend. We have the most practical and flamboyant walk in closet ideas which will help you design an immaculate, and well thought-out dressing room/area.

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The best way you are going to achieve this is by ensuring that you have constructed a classic closet for them. I want to assure you that making the right design choice, ensures that your walk closet is the one you have always dreamt about in your entire life. The most important factor to consider and plan on properly is how to come up with the most efficient space possible.

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Here is some Lovely walk in closet dressing room Design Ideas for you:

• Dressing Island
Islands are available in different sizes and shapes. The best one should have abundance of storage shelves and drawers for great storage.

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• Innovative Display of Accessories

Let the best boutiques in town be the basis for this design. You should make sure that you have come up with an elegant and exceptional closet through inventive displays. Some of the ideas here are:

  • Racks
  • Displays of retail jewelry
  • Open bookcases
  • Creating a seating area for Dressing

For the walk in closet to be truly practical, then you must have a place where you can seat down. For example, you need to sit down to have your shoes on. The best solution for you here is the ottoman. It is a must have in any walk in closet.

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• Having a built in Vanity

This is one of the latest upgrades. It doesn’t matter the amount of space you have available, it is possible to have one in your closet. The major components are:

  • A mirror
  • Drawers
  • Lighting
  • A seat or stool
  • A counter-top


• You may go for a Library Ladder

This will enable you to access items which you have stored at a higher position while at the same time add some funky taste to your walk in closet dressing room. Importantly, this ladder can also serve as a display area for your items. You can hang your outfit for the next day on the ladder.


• Go for White color

Among all the colors, white color will offer a great shining background for your clothes. The color will make your room look new and brittle.


These are some great steps to help you through.

1. It is important to identify a shape for the walk in closet. You may go with either of the following:

  • A closet with a U shape
  • A closet with an L shape
  • A closet that is a straight walk in.
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2. Ensure that there is enough space for good storage. Having all your accessories and clothing in one area is very important to save time. Ensure that you have the following; drawers, shelves, and cabinets. These will help you in organizing everything that you may have.


3. The Final and the Major Step in the whole process is, choosing the Style for your walk in closet dressing rooms. This will come from a review of the available IDEAS Like the one we are going to presenting to you next.


There you have it, some great walk in closet dressing room ideas as well as guiding steps to enable you successfully design the walk in closet. If you adhere to these Ideas believe me you will have one of the best closets and your friends will be envious of you.












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