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Here is some really huge closet room for those who enjoy expansive clothes and know how to store it.  All three walls are occupied with shelves of different sizes; there is enough space to store all kinds of stuff. All shelves and drawers are made of a natural wood, the entrance to the closed is made up with a double sliding doors.
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Compact closet in a bedroom is a very useful think especially if you like to buy and collect clothes. Quite a small room may contain enough drawers and shelves for tons of clothes. All wooden details are painted in white and there is a nice green carpet on the floor. Such a wardrobe will be enough for two people.
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When your closet looks like a modern room itself, you may not hide it, yet show off with a help of glass walls and sliding doors. In the middle of the room there is a low chest of drawers where one may sit while trying some shoes. Pay attention at the lightening, enough light will help you to find cloths more effectively and faster.
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Here is perhaps the simplest scheme of a closet’s placement of shelves. The upper row consists of compact boxes where you can store shoes and some shirts, for example. The central part is occupied by bigger niches where costumes, jackets and coats can be hanged. This closet is rather small, yet it is brightly lightened.
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Take a look at the cheapest variant of a closet in use. Yet it is rather small, it will be enough to store one or even two persons’ clothes. The main disadvantage of this closet is dim lightening and that you will hardly find enough space to put clothes on. Such wardrobes can be mostly found in old houses and flats.

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This closet is a real example of a designer’s masterpiece. The interior is planned better than in most living rooms. Sharp forms, strict shapes and some stylistic décor like a picture and a stand lamp. The gamma is strictly black-and-white. And all this beauty is stressed out by sliding door with darkened glass.


Closet Organizing Ideas Home Design Ideas Intended For Awesome Small Walk In Closet Designs

This closet shows how to use small space limitations with the highest practicality. The whole space is divided into two parts by a chest of drawers; each part has to be belonged to one person. There are four bigger niches for bigger clothes, six shelves and four sections for boxes. Powerful lamps installed on the ceiling provide with good lightening.

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Here is the example of a closet for those who do not have enough free space to make a separate room. The closet is installed and deepened directly into the wall, yet in such variant it has to be longer. The shelves are placed in long rows. All backsides are covered with a mirror, for your convenience while putting things on.

Beautiful Walk In Closet Design Cream Rug Round Sofa

Another example of a huge and luxurious closet, it is so big that you can live here if needed. The number of shelves, drawers and niches was planned so that at least five family members could store their clothes. In the middle, right on the puffy carpet stands a huge pouf, where all these five members may sit at the same time.


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