Walk in closet and bathroom ideas – 15 ways to make your walk in closet and bathroom convenient

Walk in closet and bathroom ideas


Can you even imagine how much time you would save every morning if your bathroom was conjoined to your walk in closet? You would never have to rush out of the bathroom only to start hassling your way through the bedroom to get to your closet. With a tidy walk in closet and bathroom ideas on the same floor space, bathing and dressing up is made easier.

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Showcase your fashion sense


If you are one of those people with impeccable taste in bags, purses, jewelry, belts and shoes, a well picked out walk in closet is the perfect tool to showcase your elegance. In truth, an immaculate style is quite difficult to tuck away behind closed doors. The addition of a bathroom is all the more appealing, especially if it is designed to blend perfectly with your closet’s design. Medium tone, inset, wooden and flat-panel types are the most suitable for bathroom and walk in cabinets.

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The customization option


Sophisticated walk in closet and bathroom ideas are not hard to come across. What makes these walk in closet and bathroom ideas ideal is the fact that one is able to customize them as they would please. For the best outcome, try out shallow pull-out drawers, retractable shoe racks and jewelry pockets, they work perfectly.

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Make your walk in closet ideas and bathroom ideas convenient


When it comes to bathroom ideas, you should only go for what works for you, especially if you are taking up one floor space for both the bathroom and the walk in closet. For larger families ensure that you have separated baths, toilets, sinks and walk in closets, so that many people can wash up and dress up at the same time. For your master bedroom however, go for the combined walk in and bathroom ideas for the ultimate feel of luxury and comfort. If you are aiming for a superior look, utilize wall hangings, exquisite chandeliers, trendy wall papers and nice carpets to amplify the look.

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