Candice olson bedrooms book – 15 amazing interior design and bubbly personalities

Candice olson bedrooms book


Since the launch of her popular TV show Divine Design in 2001, Candice olson bedrooms book has attained worldwide recognition for her interior design and bubbly personality. Her work has become so popular that she has her own product range and has published several books on interior design. Her books discuss in detail the designs she’s created in her TV series and share her ideas to inspire anyone wanting to create a unique look.



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Create your own Candice Olson Bedroom


Candice Olson bedroom designs are loved for classic style, warmth and subtle use of texture and color. If you’ve always wanted to create a sensual sanctuary for a bedroom and need some inspiration, you should take a look at her book on bedroom design.

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Candice Olson Bedrooms


In 2012 she published her book Candice Olson Bedrooms, where she shares her tips on creating a stunning bedroom. The book features 25 bedroom makeovers. See how these designs came about with room sketches and design boards sharing her vision. The book will inspire you with over 230 before and after photos in full color. In this book she shares valuable tips on what makes a space work and gives practical advice on how to plan your bedroom makeover.

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So if you’re planning to do some redecorating and thinking of creating a Candice Olson bedroom in your home – it will probably be a good idea to get your hands on this book before you get started.

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