Making the urban kitchen an inviting space – Top 10 Urban kitchen design ideas

Make your urban kitchen an inviting space to match your modern taste by designing it with oak cabinetry and glass tile for a clean and natural color scheme. Use heat wrapped vinyl coating on the door a finished and seamless look. Use a lightly textured earthy wood grain to enhance the look of the oak.

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Consider the cabinet door styles with a minimalist sleek design. You can use either end of the color spectrum including natural wood grains and neutral colors. You can alternatively use materials such as textured foils, sleek laminates and glossy acrylics.

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Use natural or brushed metals for the urban kitchen design ideas. Finish your kitchen with design natural yet sleek materials such as stone, wood and glass. This design mostly appeals the urban folks and the young at heart, who will appreciate the cultural diversity of the kitchen for a simple, clean and inviting kitchen.

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The kitchen will be characterized by soaring ceilings with exposed duct work and support beams, open spaces with minimal walls and a vintage flooring.

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Kitchen of the HGTV Urban Oasis 2014 located in Atlanta, GA.



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