Temporary wall dividers ikea – 20 perfect ways for dividing your rooms

Whether you want to have some privacy for your living room or work station, temporary wall dividers IKEA is the best solution. These dividers work great and fit every room whether it is the living room, bedroom, garage or any other room.

Billy Bookcases IKEA Temporary Wall Dividers

This IKEA temporary wall divider is perfect for dividing the living rooms as it also gives space for storing books, magazines, and other stationery. It brings a perfect wall and is easy to assemble or dismantle at any given time.

The Mandal IKEA Temporary Wall divider

This is the best wall divider which works best when separating the living area from the sleeping area in a one-room apartment. The partition is light, sleek and stylish and also adds to the room’s decoration value.

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Nashotah IKEA Temporary Wall dividers

These IKEA temporary wall dividers can be used in any part of the house depending on size and shape you are partitioning. It can be placed horizontally or vertically and painted to add to the room’s décor.

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temporary wall dividers ikea photo - 2
temporary wall dividers ikea photo - 3
temporary wall dividers ikea photo - 4
temporary wall dividers ikea photo - 5
temporary wall dividers ikea photo - 6


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