21 things to know abot Outdoor shower drainage before installing

Outdoor showers are not only practical but they can be appealing additions to a home. One of the m ost important things about outdoor showers that need consideration is the drainage.

Outdoor shower drainage systems have to be installed and there are different possibilities and certain factors that go into it.


Things like buries utilities, soil type, proximity to other structures and possible waste water volume all have to be considered. Some people go with natural outdoor shower drainage systems but this is not legally allowed in some areas.

Dry wells are a common type of drainage especially in areas where the soil is not sandy enough for direct runoff. Shower pans are also great drainage options because they catch and direct the waste water to either the household drainage system or to selected food crops.

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In case of areas that are close to water bodies like streams, rivers or lakes, the outdoor shower drainage system has to direct the water to a septic or sewer line instead of flowing freely.

In such cases, shower pans or drainage systems connected to the floor are best.

outdoor shower drainage photo - 1
outdoor shower drainage photo - 2
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