TOP 20 Deer proof fence ideas 2023

Maintaining a vegetable garden in the countryside can be challenging due to invasions by high-jumping deer. Surrounding your farm with a high fence like a maximum-security prison wall can help keep off the animals. Below are surefire deer proof fence ideas that you can try.

Single Strand Electric Fences

First, you need to build a fence at least 8 feet high and then have a single electric wire running through. Such a fence is easy to construct and very effective in areas where deer population is low. Otherwise, if you live with high deer population, you will need to use multiple strands.

Wired Fences

Wired fences are simple and affordable. To be effective, you need to use them on sturdy posts, preferable metal. Ensure they are at least 5 feet tall to prevent the deer from jumping over.

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Deer Netting

Deer netting blends well with the surrounding and is useful in warning the deer about the presence of a wall hence keeping them from running through.</p>

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