Daybed Bedding Sets Pottery Barn

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This bedding set will perfectly fit to some old-styled wooden beds. Green coverlet painted with flowers goes well with three big pillows, one of which is of the same color scheme. Try this set if you want your bed look cozy and warm. Natural materials guarantee the highest quality and safety for health.
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Nice combination of a bed with a thin metal carcass and massive bedding set with a puffy blanket and pillows. Natural silk and rich ornaments make the set look really rich and luxury. If you want your interior to look really special, then you are not to go by without paying attention. It was designed for those who have a real taste.
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Here is a very soft and delicate bedding set consisting of a futon and five pillows. The futon is made due to modern healthcare standards and will be healthful for your back and will never cause uncomfortable feelings after sleeping. The set will go best with non massive beds made of metal carcasses.
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If an interior of your bedroom is bright and full of light colors and you don’t want a bed to look like a contrast, then this bedding set is for you. Consisting of a futon, pillows and two neck cushions it is painted in green and white color, which is dominant. Sleeping at such a bed will always bring an aesthetic pleasure too.
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Children’s bed should look different from an adult’s one. And right bedding set is exactly what makes it look childish. The set here consists of a futon, a blanket and a number of pillows. All these elements are painted in a pink color and decorated with needlework in a shape of flowers and toys. It was mainly designed for girls.


Pink color will always be in trend, especially among girls and women. This bedded set consists of a blanket, two pillows and two neck cushions; everything is made in highly qualitative materials and is safe and solid. It was designed for small sofas in living rooms and not big beds of bedrooms. Pink color and rich ornament makes it look really nice.

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In case you are a woman who likes rosy color or you want to make a present to your girl friend, you should pay attention at this bedding set. Its soft rosy blanket and pillows will perfectly suit for a white bed and light interior in general. A coverlet is made a little bit longer, so that it could hang and close the space between a floor and a bed.


This bedding set was created for those who enjoy unusual colors, here it is a violet. Besides the color one should pay attention at the rich ornament, it consists of a sewed butterflies and simple geometric figures. A big number of pillows will make you feel like you are lying on clouds while having a rest.

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Another example of bedding set designed for children. A futon, a blanket and pillows are colored with two colors, from one side they are blue and from another they are pink. It allows you to change a color scheme as often as you need. The ornament also differs on both sides, from one side these are some abstract figures and from another flower-shaped figures.


This is a very minimalistic and simple bedding set consisting of a futon and a number of pillows of different sizes. You can hardly see any bright colors; the gamma consists of white, blue and decorative stripes with green and some other tones. This set will look nice in all interiors except dull and dim ones.



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