Black Sofa Table Ikea

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Small black table with one shelf made of wood and painted in glossy black color which was always in trend. It is rather small and may play mostly a decorative role. You can put some vases or plates with fruits on it; the shelf is good for nothing except a few books. Also it can be perfect for a TV-set and a DVD player.
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This little wooden table will be a perfect part of furniture for any type of rooms. The shelves are divided by multiple dividing planks making the eight of them and creating the effect of a net. The shelves can be used for storing books or some small decorative things. At the tope you may place some vases or a TV-set.
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Using glass in a table structure always looks modern and stylishly. Unlike in most of models, glass here is used not for a tabletop, but for shelves. This table will look nice at any living room or a bedroom. Of course you won’t be able to eat on it, yet it will be perfect for some decorative installations.
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This model of a black little table contains both: shelves and sliding drawers. The first ones can be used for placing any decorative thing lice plates, books, small lamps and baskets, and in the drawers you may store your private things, for example, some documents. Colorful vases with some flowers might look just great on this table.
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Beautiful table is designed to be the place for some décor without taking much space in the room. Look how it is nicely combined with metallic basket with some fruits, bronze plates and silver candle holders. With your imagination you can create any expositions and put them on this table. There are also three drawers which may be used practically.


Here is the example how a black sofa table helps to create warm and homely atmosphere. In the two middle shelves designer installed two identical twined square baskets of the same sizes. At the top there is enough space to put two stand lamps and different decorative stones and other dribs and drabs.

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With a help of a table with two rows of niches designer created a design which will be a real gift for a perfectionist. The upper row is occupied with smaller white boxes and the lower one contains bigger twined boxes. Of course, they are putted there just as a part of décor, yet if you wish, you may store something in them.


Small table made of thin and massive parts takes a little space and at the same time looks hard and solid. It will be a striking part of your interior staying at any corner or near a wall. The perfect decision is to put a small cresset or a bright vase. Here the lamp stays near the family photo lightening it.


Low coffee table with thin legs looks very accurate and can be placed at the middle of the room without looking as a huge obstruction. Being low makes it perfect to be installed in front of a sofa so that the owner could easily get to it. To make it look not so boring, you may place some decorative plate or a vase.

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Sometimes people set sofas at the middle of living rooms and their back sides look not very esthetically. In such case the best variant is to hide them behind small decorative tables. If the row will be long enough you can turn it into some real design wall with stand lamps and some books and boxes on the shelves.


Transforming coffee/tea table is rather a rare and unique decision. The top of the table can be opened and under it you may find a niche were you can put things and use it as a hiding-place. Besides, it opens upwards without changing an angle, so you may open it without take the things aside. There is also one open shelf under the top.


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