20 Door beads – bring out an essence of beauty class and style

Door beads, door bead curtains and wooden door beads are used in modern day interiors and decor to bring out an essence of beauty class and style.


For instance bamboo beaded curtains are unique ancient accessories that are made from pieces of bamboo strung together with a thin wire attached to a wooden header bar.

The use of wooden beads and bead curtains is versatile, they can be used on doors and windows where they get in fresh air and keep out annoying insects, they can be used as room dividers for instance where children share a room, their sleeping area can be separated by the bamboo bead curtain.


They can also be used as wall hangings to bring beauty and class and warmth into a room.Why are the wooden beads and beaded curtains very popular in the modem day interior decor? the bead curtain were especially popular in the 1970s, however they are even more popular today because of their aesthetic value.

Wooden beads are easy to install unlike other doors that require tools and expertise to install, they can be installed within minutes.They are also popular because of its many practical uses. They are used are wall hangings, room dividers, they are also hang on glass windows to prevent direct sunlight.

Colors and shades

Beaded curtains were used and are still used in Chinese philosophy to bring harmony and a guide to arranging homes to ensure the family enjoys happiness and success.Beaded curtains also come in a variety of colors and shades, they are available in pearl, black and wooden brown, they can also be tie and dyed or even painted pink for example to be used in a girls bedroom.

So for whatever purpose, is it to create a little privacy, create harmony or to add color and class you get the solution for your needs from the beaded curtains and wooden beads.

door beads 1


door bead curtains 1


door beads 3


wooden door beads 1


wooden door beads 2


door bead curtains 2 door bead curtains 3 door bead curtains 4 door beads 2 wooden door beads 3

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