Best Door Beads to Maximize the Style of Your Interior

Door beads, door bead curtains and wooden door beads are used in modern day interiors and decor to bring out an essence of beauty class and style.


For instance bamboo beaded curtains are unique ancient accessories that are made from pieces of bamboo strung together with a thin wire attached to a wooden header bar.

The use of wooden beads and bead curtains is versatile, they can be used on doors and windows where they get in fresh air and keep out annoying insects, they can be used as room dividers for instance where children share a room, their sleeping area can be separated by the bamboo bead curtain.

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They can also be used as wall hangings to bring beauty and class and warmth into a room.Why are the wooden beads and beaded curtains very popular in the modem day interior decor? the bead curtain were especially popular in the 1970s, however they are even more popular today because of their aesthetic value.

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Wooden beads are easy to install unlike other doors that require tools and expertise to install, they can be installed within minutes.They are also popular because of its many practical uses. They are used are wall hangings, room dividers, they are also hang on glass windows to prevent direct sunlight.

Colors and shades

Beaded curtains were used and are still used in Chinese philosophy to bring harmony and a guide to arranging homes to ensure the family enjoys happiness and success.Beaded curtains also come in a variety of colors and shades, they are available in pearl, black and wooden brown, they can also be tie and dyed or even painted pink for example to be used in a girls bedroom.

So for whatever purpose, is it to create a little privacy, create harmony or to add color and class you get the solution for your needs from the beaded curtains and wooden beads.

Most people consider the beads curtains rather obsolete and old-fashioned. However, fashion has got a tendency to return within a certain period of time. Right now, a person might find an abundance of variants for home décor which will become a superb attribute of the interior.

The unusual door alternative that is introduced in this article is known for an extraordinary style and freshness compared to the abundance of standard door types and arch designer solutions.

The bead doors are a fine alternative to conventional doors. The decorated strands do not occupy a lot of space and can be installed without any damage and dust. It is a perfect option for small places of both commercial and residential areas. It creates a nice and attractive look within a few steps of actions. When they are hanging, beads create an incredible effect that is hard to resist.

Door beads at home serve as an excellent accentuating tool for the premise’s unique look that will perform a practical dividing function between the rooms which need some extra privacy. It is especially helpful with small rooms where the door will occupy some extra space. The universality of the beads equipment allows it to be mounted wherever there is a wall to install a fixture with a line to which the stripes with beads are attached.

The Amazing Beaded Past

The past century, especially the 60s, was the period of the blooming of the beaded door curtains. The west was charmed with a unique eastern design and a lot of variations were born to complement the uniqueness of the style.

Right now, the strand doors have become a part of the eastern modernistic design and people who are serious into Feng Shui teaching prefer this type of doors as it doesn’t block the flow of the energies in the rooms.

It was also stated that this type of doors is like some sort of a lucky charm that is designated to protect the dwellers from evil spirits and it attracts the good luck to the owner of such decoration. The revival of beaded decorations owes mostly to the appearance of new materials which enhance the look of the curtain doors to a greater extent.

In the past, the items were made mostly of wood and cheap plastic and the looks of such items weren’t attractive at all. Nowadays people enjoy non-standard work of arts which are introduced in plastic, acryl, rare wood, glass, and even semi-precious stones. All the pieces are united into fabulous décor element which cannot stop charming everybody who looks at these brilliant items.

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Benefits of the Hanging Door Beads

It is important to understand the practical features of the beaded doors before considering the idea of getting the one for the interior.

  • It is more cost effective to decorate the premise with an item than installing a real door.
  • The beaded doors can be utilized with all types of doors. You won’t have to make an expensive order for a design door in case you have an arch passage.
  • The selection of designs with beads is truly unbelievable. There are endless variations of color combinations and materials which are used for creating a personalized unique piece of décor.
  • The reflective properties of glass beads add some portion of brightness to the rooms which are lacking the light.
  • The absence of a door creates a visual illusion which increases the space in the room.
  • The installation of the beaded door is extremely easy and does not require any specific set of skills.
  • It separates the rooms in a soft manner.

Flaws of the Hanging Door Beads

It is obvious that it impossible to state only good things about the item. The review won’t be honest, in this case. There will always be some negative features about any item and beaded doors are not an exception.

  • It is not designed for rooms where people constantly walk in and out as it will be a problem and people will get tangled in it.
  • It doesn’t have noise or light absorbing capabilities and for some people, it is a decisive factor.
  • It is not safe for the house with animals as they can be attracted by the glitter of the beads and start eating them. The consequences can be really terrible.
  • It is also not advisable to utilize the items with little babies who crawl around as they can be easily attracted by the beads.
  • Some people tend to experience a lack of privacy with such doors, though it is mainly a matter of personal perception.

While having a knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of the beading curtains it is easier to make a final judgment if it suits your needs.

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Hanging Door Beads Material Types

The modern door hanging beads are introduced by an abundance of materials and here are the most popular and preferable solutions for bringing the design of the premise to perfection.

Bamboo – is the most classic material for creating the curtains. It is light, affordable and can be dyed easily to create real ornamented masterpieces. The pictures made of bamboo are top popular among the users nowadays.

Acryl – is the material that allows creating the beaded curtains of unrepeatable shape. The plastic items are made of various sizes and shapes. Some shops offer the creation of unique patterns for the most unique design. It is also one of the most affordable solutions.

Wood – people consider it the same material as bamboo but there is a slight difference. Wood is heavier and more durable. Wood usually goes uncolored in its natural design with an upper layer of finish for a longer term of service.

PVC – this material introduces a bright palette of colors together with an abundance of semi shades. The curtain looks extremely light and airy but due to the size of the beads, there are usually fewer strings with them.

Glass and semi-precious stones – these are the most stunning and amazing looking materials. They are the most expensive due to the difficulties with crafting. The light is scattered around the premise in the most fascinating manner.

Taking Care of the Beads Curtains

All types of the bead curtains are installed on a special thread. All the threads together are tied to the rod that performs the functions of a molding. The construction is rather simple and easy to handle. However, there are some precautions which should be considered while working with beads.

The curtain is usually shipped tied and you shouldn’t untie it before you hang it. When you finish the installation, you can untie the straps and let the beads go loose in a natural way. The risk of them getting tangled is rather low.

The same thing goes with removing of the curtain. You need to gather it in one peace and tie it up with a rope. After that, you can remove the item. It will help you to avoid the nightmare of untangling of the item.

Taking care of the beading door depends greatly on the material from which the item is made. For example, the wooden material requires a special polish and you should avoid the utilization of extra humidity. The plastic is not afraid of water, but you have to dry it thoroughly and rub with a piece of silky cloth to prevent the stains.

Acryl is afraid of abrasive cleaning material as it can lose the color and brightness.  Glass and precious stones require some specific portion of care and a special fluid to clean them up. A simple procedure of dusting the item regularly with a duster can postpone the need for washing for quite a long time.

If you ended up getting tangled the beaded curtain, don’t get discouraged. Everything can be fixed, though you will have to spend some time while working on it. First of all, you need to hang the curtain and let the strands go loose.

Never try to untangle it on the floor as you might end up in even a worse situation. Start from the edge and go on untangling the strands one by one without making harsh movements as you can simply tear the thread and all the work will be done in vain.

Best Door Beads Reviews

Now, when you are well versed with the beaded curtains for doors, you can easily select the one that suits your interior most. We have prepared you some of the most charming variations of the beaded door curtains which will definitely inspire you.

Master Garden Products Natural Beaded Bamboo Curtain

Master Garden Products Natural Beaded Bamboo Curtain, 36"W x 78"H
  • Unpainted so the beaded curtain is the perfect neutral color of natural bamboo
  • The wooden hanger at the top completes this classy and natural look

Here we have a wonderful handmade bamboo option that radiates with a nice and elegant natural look. It wasn’t painted on purpose to preserve an authentic design of bamboo as a raw wood looks really amazing. The model contains 90 separate bamboo threads which look truly amazing. The design of the door curtain can be easily enhanced by adjusting the length of the items or the width to make it denser to prevent the light penetration.


  • An authentic handmade design makes it combinable with numerous designer solutions.
  • Can be used equally effective as door and window curtain.
  • You can add some of your personal colors to match the interior.


  • The model is rather fragile, and the elements can be easily broken cracked.
  • You need to be very careful while cleaning the item and need to avoid using too much water.

Duosuny 39×78 Inch Door String Curtain Rare Flat Silver Ribbon Thread Fringe

Duosuny 39x78 Inch Door String Curtain Rare Flat Silver Ribbon Thread Fringe Window Panel Room Divider Cute Strip Tassel for Wedding Coffee House Restaurant Party Parts (Pack of 2 Black)
  • String curtain is 100% polyester and with glistering silver ribbon (No beads)
  • This line curtain will help form a relaxed atmosphere in any environment

The combination of silver and black goes really amazing and you will be definitely stunned with an effect that it produces while hanging above the doorway. The option like this will find its place in some Victorian style designed premise with richly decorated patterns on the pieces of furniture. Be sure that the model will create a peculiar atmosphere that will not stay unnoticed.


  • There are two separate elements.
  • The belting line is extra wide for using the wall rods of great thickness.
  • A luxurious silver design produces a lot of glitter.


  • The model will be easily tangled under a strong gust of wind.
  • It is absolutely not machine washable.

Eve Split Decorative Door String Curtain Beads Wall Panel Fringe

The airy flow of the threads and the rainbow radiating crystals – here are two main things for which the beaded curtains are appreciated most of all.  The curtain like this will prove that the door is not a mandatory accessory to have if there is such a curtain. It will become not only a brilliant everyday interior décor but also the accessory for some festive event like a wedding ceremony or birthday celebration.


  • Amazing luxurious design.
  • The glass beads produce a stunning radiating effect when they contact with light.
  • It flows in an amazing manner and is suitable for daily and festive use.


  • The beaded crystal can fall easily.
  • The cleaning procedure is rather bothersome as you can damage the gentle textile.

ZideTang Beaded Door Curtain Tassel Divider Color Purple

ZiDeTang Button Beaded Door Curtain Fringe Tassel Living Room Divider Curtain (39.30" x 78.50", Purple)
  • Polyester fringe door curtain with 5 rows bright big buckles shape beaded
  • Approximately 95cm Wide x 195cm Long,can easily cut your required size

This option of a door curtain introduces a fine combination of beaded strands and standard ones for gaining a more voluminous effect. The item looks really nice and attractive. The design will match all the standard doorways as it is 95cm, so you can still shorten it. The item looks gorgeous on the light and there are numerous color options which would correspond the interiors of kitchens and even kids’ rooms.


  • It has a splendid design.
  • The beads are of an excellent quality.
  • This model is universal for both windows and doors.


  • It poorly blocks the light at night.
  • The strands with beads can easily tear away.
  • For a greater thickness, you will need to buy two items to combine.

Natural Bamboo & Wood Beaded Curtain

There are beaded curtain models which are performed in a rather reserved style. They are designed not for some outstanding look but for adding a tone of comfort. This arch designed curtain is one of such options. It will definitely contribute to the interiors of those people who are passionate about boho chic design or minimalistic modern.


  • It is made of natural material.
  • It looks pretty nice in the interior.
  • It can be used as a patio decoration.


  • It is more a décor than a full door curtain.
  • There are tiny splinters.

FUT String Tassel Crystal Beads Curtain, Partition Door Curtain Beaded String Curtain Door

FUT String Tassel Crystal Beads Curtain, Partition Door Curtain Beaded String Curtain Door Screen Panel Home Decor Divider for Bridal Chamber Room Beauty Salon Bedroom New Home Hotel Decoration 1x2m
  • Material: Low-elastic yarn + imitation crystal beads; 100% brand new make your room more cozy and romantic. Easy to hand and use.
  • It can be used as a door curtain, window curtain, partition or wall decoration. Let the curtain decorate your room more beautiful and Romantic.

Another lovely model is made to bring fascination to the owner and those people who will be looking at it. The model is made of elegant plating and is richly decorated with plastic crystal beads. An overall ensemble is radiant and airy so that you could receive maximal joy from the item. The quality of the item is decent enough for long-term utilization in various places.


  • The model has an amazing design with superb plaiting.
  • It can keep the insects away.
  • The curtain is equally cool looking in both residential and commercial interiors.


  • The threads are too frail.
  • It tangles terribly.

ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain Raindrops Green Non-Iridescent Acrylic

ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain Raindrops Green Non-Iridescent Acrylic
  • 34 Strands of Beads, Waterfall Pattern
  • 3' Wide x 6' Long

Now you can enjoy amazing waterfall patterns that are composed of lovely green beads. The whole set of 34 rows of top quality beads is designed to cover the room with radiant colors. The acryl material that is used for the items is one of the durable options available for the purchase. They are perfect for enhancing the design and adding the illusion of visual space.


  • The model is rather elegant and smooth looking.
  • The beads are made of an acryl of a decent quality.
  • You will like the way the light refracts through the beads a lot.


  • The crystal is totally transparent when the light is cast upon them.
  • If they tangle, you risk tearing them by mistake.

6 M Crystal Bead Curtain Fashion Luxury Home Living Room Bedroom Decoration Wedding Decoration

The model of this door curtains is an awesome flow of crystal balls that will find its place in the bedroom or in the living room of the owner. Additionally, this model will add some sparkling fleur to some important celebration as people will definitely remember such an amazing decoration. It proves that crystal curtains will be always fashionable.


  • The look of such decoration is really stunning.
  • It has superb sparkling capabilities.
  • The model looks absolutely weightless.


  • The balls can be easily broken.
  • It tangles easily.

Discount4product 25 Strings Door Window Curtain divider Separator Decoration Acrylic Crystal Strings Bead Hanging Curtains

Discount4product Ark Shape Crystal Bead Curtain 20 String for partition Spaces Wedding Decoration Home Decoration
  • Quantity: 20 strings, Hight Of Longest Steing 1 meter
  • very attractive and beautiful strand to decorate sitting room, open kitchen, porch partition spaces

In case you want to split the rooms into some private zones, this beaded divider will cope up with the given task in a stylish manner. The arch-shaped solution adds some unusual tone to the interior. Large size beads with large pieces at the top of each row finalize the gorgeous look of the model making it an excellent acquisition for the premise.


  • The arch design is an unusual solution.
  • It can split a premise into two halves.
  • The large pieces of beads provide extra stability of the item.


  • The construction is very big.
  • It is tricky to install the item.

Edal 33ft/10M Wedding DIY Decor Living Room Diamond Acrylic Crystal Beads Curtain

If you are crazy about handmade interior decorations, pay attention to this DIY crystal curtain kit. It has a set of all necessary items to design your personal door curtain as well as many other interesting items. The beads are diamond shaped objects made of high-quality acryl. Try out your fantasy with this diamond kit.


  • The diamonds are pretty amazing.
  • You can create a curtain of a unique design.
  • Other options are available for creation as well.


  • The metal parts are frail and breakable.
  • You need to spend a lot of time on the creation of the item.

Slat type Door Curtain, Bug Blind, Fly Blind, Strip Blind-TRADITIONAL MULTI COLOUR

Holland Plastics Original Brand Slat Type Curtain/Fly Blind with Pair of Self Adhesive Hooks for Upvc Doors- 80cm Wide - 'Traditional Multi'
  • Each blind comes with a pair of small square self adhesive hooks for easy fitting to upvc door frames.
  • Wipe frame clean and affix hooks. Once hooks are fitted the blind simply sits on the hooks

For the folk style lovers, this option will seem the best one. It is composed of thick stripes which create a comfortable atmosphere of coziness. The bright colored variations seem to carry the rainbow from the sky right into your room. This positive colorful solution will bring good mood even in the gloomiest weather.


  • The item can boast with a textile of a superb quality.
  • The tangling level is rather low.
  • It is bright as a rainbow.


  • The design is too simple.

ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain Spangles Brown Metallic PVC

ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain Spangles Brown Metallic PVC
  • 12 Strands, Adjustable Length, Lightweight
  • 3' Wide x 6' Long

This is the love of all computer geeks. In the past, the fans of computers made similar curtains out of spoiled CDs. Now this idea has become a designer brand that used in hipster style interiors. The metal-colored circles look absolutely organic in various types of interiors and when it catches the light from the lamps or sun it starts to sparkle with bright tones.


  • It has a unique retro style.
  • The color is an authentic rustic metal design.


  • Some people can find it too old-fashioned.
  • The metal fixtures are rather flimsy.

Beautiful Home Decor Acrylic Beaded Curtain – Tear Drops

THY COLLECTIBLES Beautiful Home Decor Acrylic Beaded Curtain for Windows, Doorways, Room Partition W35.5 x H72 - Tear Drops
  • This beautiful acrylic beaded curtain add an exotic touch to any decor
  • It comes with eyelets for easy hanging, can be installed in door frame or wall.

This variant is dedicated to all those people who are willing to add some exotic tone to their premises. Such curtain solutions would look really nice with doorways and windows. Finally, it will be a charming accessory for beautifying the wedding decors. The simplicity of installation makes this variant so attractive. Enjoy the oriental beauty without leaving the house.


  • The design is airy with an oriental charm.
  • It is equipped with tools for fast installation.
  • The bead pattern is absolutely adorable.


  • There is too much space between the strands.
  • It lacks some brighter colors.

SAVFY® New “Dew Drop” Beaded Hanging String Partition Divider

A gradient design is always a pleasant thing to look at. This option is an interesting set of thick and thin beaded strands which generate an incredible effect when you look through them. The silky and soft feeling which these curtains cause is another thing for which they are greatly appraised. If consider a designer change of curtains you may like this option.


  • Light and airy construction for the romantic mood.
  • An easy procedure of installation.
  • You can adjust the length and width of the model.


  • The beads often fall down from the thread.
  • The light easily passes through it.

Pewter Grey STRING CURTAIN with BEADS Door Curtain Decoration

Here we have a nice representative of dense style door curtains which would serve as an excellent door substitute. It is richly decorated with beads, which resemble real pearls by texture. The item is suitable for most sizes of the doors and it will add some extra elegance to an overall design.


  • The curtains grant a nice blackout level.
  • The correlation between price and quality is rather attractive.
  • The slippery texture of the strand prevents the tangling rate a lot.


  • It is somewhat lacking the beads on the strands.

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