Vintage porcelain kitchen tables – 15 ways to present your delicious food anew

Vintage porcelain kitchen tables


Kitchen tables are highly essential to comfortably have your food in an organised manner. It is not just the taste of food, but also the way how it is served that matters.

Vintage porcelain kitchen tables that are made of porcelain are a grand addition to your kitchen decors, and they must be chosen according to the size and interiors of your kitchen.

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Variety of colors and materials

Usually, these tables come with a wooden base and have firm stands that tightly stay to the floor. These vintage porcelain kitchen tables come with their tops painted in a variety of colors ranging from rose red, light green, pure white and sky blue, and some come with beautiful designs like cross striped red and white colors or floral patterns on their tops.

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Also, you can choose a compact table if your kitchen size is quite small, but there are also large ones with wide tops to perfectly match with your kitchen size.

You can go for trendy vintage kitchen tables, that have extensions on their sides supported by a spring systems. These flat tables can be enlarged on their sides by unfolding the extensions available on them.



There are antique vintage porcelain tables that give a rich and a classy look to your kitchen, though they are quite expensive.

But then, it will be worth a fortune if you get one of them. Assure that you clean them up at regular intervals to maintain their glossy looks.

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Grab yourselves a vintage porcelain kitchen table and gift your guests a well served food.















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