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You can take your landscaping to a whole new level by introducing a small swimming pool backyard. Small backyard swimming pools are slowly becoming the in thing for most homeowners. Thanks to such pools, even families with just a little space on their yards can get to enjoy a good swim on hot afternoons and have something to show to their guests in terms of external decor.

The secret to having a wonderful backyard swimming pool is creativity. If you are creative enough, your artificial backyard pool can look so much like normally constructed pools such that your guests may not be able to spot any difference. Try going for rectangular shaped inground pools as these help to create the illusion of a real pool. The rectangular shape also helps to make the pool look larger. Also try combining the pool with natural stone and a tree canopy to introduce a natural feel. Palm trees are perfect examples of trees which can provide a wonderful canopy for your pool.

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You can also try a curved or semi circular shaped pool. There is something about a curved pool that makes it resemble a beach setting. With an inbuilt curved pool and a few tree canopies to give it an exotic touch, you and your family members will be well on your way to feeling like you are somewhere on a pristine beach on a hot summer afternoon.

It is important to remember that it is not the appearance of the pool that matters most but the comfort and utility it offers. You shouldn’t limit yourself to underground pools only, there are other backyard swimming pool designs such as overground pools which you can choose from. You can go for circular, sguare, or even rectangular overground pools depending on the shape that appeals to you. Most overground pools have walls made of vinyl.

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In case you have very limited space on your backyard, try going for plunge pools. These help save space and are very comfortable. Regardless of the kind of backyard swimming pool you go for, try keeping it clean and in a good state for you and your family’s benefit. Remember to change the water as instructed by the manufacturer.
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