Sliding pocket doors exterior – 18 best options for homeowners with smaller homes

Sliding pocket doors exterior


These days, sliding pocket door is more than just the best option for homeowners with smaller homes. It is also the perfect option for mansions, which emphasize on elegance in minimalist design. But, exterior sliding pocket doors are the most favorite options for small houses because they are not only practical, but also very affordable.

sliding pocket doors exterior photo - 1Sliding Pocket Doors Exterior Functionality

Bringing the outdoor ambiance to the interior is the main function of all kinds of sliding exterior pocket doors. While they can deliver a huge impression of the interior, they also enhance the luxury of the home design. Nevertheless, the whole construction should become the major concern, because it determines the sliding door panels sturdiness. Stainless steel rollers are strongly recommended.
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Believe it or not, the finishing touch of exterior sliding pocket doors plays a very major role in emphasizing the home luxury. Fortunately, many manufacturers provide customized finishing for their sliding exterior pocket doors, based on their clients’ requirements.

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  1. Does you know a manufacturer that makes a single panel exterior pocket door?
    I have a small kitchen with a typical 2 panel glass slider that opens to our deck. One panel slides and the other is fixed. To free up more wall space for cabinets I would like to replace it with a single panel exterior pocket door.

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