Outdoor shower bamboo – Foot Washing And Other Features

If cleanliness is important to you, consider the option of an outdoor shower bamboo.

Look For the Foot Washing Feature

Some outdoor shower bamboo actually has a foot washing feature. It is a tap on a ball valve that is about knee level. You simply turn on the spigot and the water comes out like a normal faucet. It is a snap to wash off the feet.

Other Features to Look For

It’s really nice to have hot water, but that is going to cost you ten or twenty times as far money. However, you can have a nice heated outdoor shower bamboo if that is your goal.

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Additional features that people like are the pulsating shower heads, the built in towel racks, and the overall beauty of the product. You should consider carefully the enclosure because it can make the shower rightly romantic to use.

outdoor shower bamboo photo - 1
outdoor shower bamboo photo - 2
outdoor shower bamboo photo - 3
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