Oriental garden design ideas – Turn your garden into perfect resting place

Oriental garden design ideas

Designing your garden in oriental style can help you reach that peace of mind you desperately need. It makes the perfect runaway from all the stress of the urban lifestyle.

Some people prefer turning their bedrooms into relaxing sanctuaries, while others tend to create the same effect in their living rooms. But for the most owners, gardens offer ideal surrounding that allows them to run away from constant noise and monotony of the modern world.

And no style can secure this peace like the garden of oriental design. Inspired by zen philosophy these oriental garden design ideas stands apart from all the others.

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Classic and timeless gardens

The oriental garden design is full of vivid colors. It draws attention in both the summer and winter. But it is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about adding symbolic values to the landscape.

Also, water elements often contribute to the creation of gardens with the aura of eternal style. It can be a simple fountain, an impressing lake, a pool, or even the small water characteristic as long as it brings the sound of a flowing water to the garden.
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Reaching the right balance

Although reaching the right balance of different elements of nature plays the essential role in creating oriental garden design ideas, it is more important to consider how that landscape embeds with the design of your home.

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The best thing is that oriental garden design can integrate beautifully with both traditional homes with rustic and rural vibrations as well as with elegant modern spaces.
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