Mirrored sliding closet door lock – 22 secrets you probably didn’t know!

A mirrored sliding closet door lock is just the thing to get you to face your inner healthy narcissist. It is a statement piece in any modern bedroom where people can tend to their outward appearance in the comfort of their own home.

With it’s functionality divided between being a functional door and a stationary mirror one can image how important it is for the surface to remain still at times- that’s where the door lock comes in.

The practicality of the lock

The sliding door lock is of great importance when it comes to mirrored closet doors especially.

The mirrored surface may fracture or shatter if not handled correctly, and the lock prevents that from happening by fixating the position of the door.

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This ensures that the mirror keeps its’ functionality while the owner can rest assured that the surface remains stabile.


As mentioned, mirrored sliding closet door lock serve a great function and aesthetic purpose in modern homes.

Combined with the specific lock, the owners can rest easy knowing that their mirrored sliding doors aren’t in any danger of cracking or breaking.

mirrored sliding closet door lock photo - 1


mirrored sliding closet door lock photo - 3


mirrored sliding closet door lock photo - 4







mirror closet door lock


closet door lock with key




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