Dining delightfully in Candice olson favorite kitchens

Candice olson favorite kitchens

The goal of Candice Olson’s favorite kitchens is flow and resilience. These two concepts are key points in her style. Do you want a kitchen that runs smoothly into the dining area? How about a strength shown by porcelain tile and the like?

If you like these things then this style may be a perfect fit for you. There’s a practical simplicity, an elegant efficiency to this decor. One can simply travel from one area of preparation to another of consuming with ease.

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New or refurbish

If costs are a problem, you shouldn’t worry. Refurbishing already-existent cabinetry is a great step for this specific style and requires minimal funds. Maple, oak, and other darker wood tones contrasted with lighter, natural tints beautifully combine to make a Candice Olsen favorite kitchen.

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Also, making sure the paint is able to take grease and a ton of washing, though without too much glossiness (better reserved for stainless steel appliances), is a must.

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All this adds to the concept of durability that is at the center of her style. In all, if one wants an efficient and tough kitchen with a warm and inviting feel, Candice Olson’s favorite kitchens is the decor for you.
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