10 Attractive hardwares to create back of door storage

Whether you live in a small-sized home and need to maximize your available space or want to make a larger residence look more organized, you can take advantage of countless ideas for back of door storage. 

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A sturdy, high-quality door can support a wealth of items. This is the perfect place for hanging up your shoes, decorative apparel, accessories or outerwear among other things. Following are some of the top options in back door storage that you can put to use in your home.

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Install A Back Door Bar For Flanging Jackets And Backpacks

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Putting a back door bar on your front or interior doors will give you the perfect place to hang up guest jackets. This is great if you host a lot of parties in your home and need a convenient place to outerwear and purses as guests arrive. You can even accessorize your back door bar with clever and ornate hooks for hanging purses, scarves, hats and small-sized umbrellas among other things.

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Flanging Canvas Storage With Pockets

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Flaving people remove their shoes when they come into your home is a great way to protect your flooring. Create a compact area for shoe storage by placing a soft-sided canvas, shoe storage compartment over the top of your door that has pockets for keeping pairs of shoes separate. This can be compact enough to install just above your back of door bar so that you get an all-in-one solution. Best of all, these features will also serve as effective door-stoppers so that the wall behind your door doesn’t sustain any damage.

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Create An Additional Towel Rack With A Back Door Bar

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Back of door storage is also great for the bathroom. Flanging up a back door bar is an easy way to create additional storage for damp towels, wash cloths and other items. Kids can hang their wet swimming suits here during the summer months rather than leaving them on the floor. If you have lots of people living in your home, having extra space for hanging up damp bath towels is essential.

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