Attic bedroom closet ideas – 18 tips to rich harmony

Attic bedroom closet ideas

If you’re fortunate enough to have an attic, you may want to set them up as bedrooms. The downside is that there are no built-in closets. Read on for some simple attic bedrooms closet ideas.

Step one is to measure the attic and plan where you want the big furniture to go. Then you can plan for the extras.

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Clever Curtains

There are many wonderful attic bedroom closet ideas that you can install. Most are modular. This allows you to choose a layout that fits into your dimensions. Some attics have steep pitches. You can build in shelves and hanging rods along the roof angle.

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You could then hide your closet with curtains or a screen. It also provides space for changing clothes in privacy if needed.
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Go Old Fashioned Armoire

The beloved armoire is still around. You can buy antique or new. In a standard armoire, there are two doors that open outward.

One half is full size with a rod for hanging shirts, suits, dresses, or whatever else you want to hang up. The other side is shelves for shirts and sweaters. Some provide drawers for socks and underwear.
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Finally, you could purchase racks with wheels for hanging items. Then you can move them around as needed. You could store flat attic bedroom closet ideas in a standard dresser that fits.

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You may want to spend some time looking at your clothes to determine how much storage space you will need.
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