Asian paints colour shades blue – 21 tips for wall painting

It is not that we only paint walls. We paint several surfaces and every surface requires painting materials and technique as different as their texture.

Here you can learn how to paint several surfaces with different asian paints colour shades blue.


Before you start painting the walls, it is better to paints the ceiling first. Paint two coats of asian paints colour shades blue using a roller with an extension handle to reach the ceiling.

Apply first coat in the direction of the light and another one perpendicular to it. You can use either white hues or paints that look somewhat blue that becomes white when it dries. If your ceiling is textured, you would need a

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Wooden Furniture

If you are repainting your old furniture, first remove old dust or dirt with a cloth and cleaner, sand the peeling paints, and smoothen up the rough surface.

Next, apply two coats of stain-blocking primer to prevent the old paint from bleeding through the new paints. Let it dry and paint two coats of water-based paints with brush or roller.

Finish it with a brush to give it a smooth finish. You can also paint a coat or two of asian paints colour shades blue to safeguard from frequent exposure to water.


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